Helping high achievers to create work-life balance, quiet their inner critic and move forwards with confidence

I work with a select number of clients one-on-one to help them to live calmer, happier and more successful lives. 
Whether you're struggling right now, or you want to go from good to great - I'd love to discuss your goals and how I could help.
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coaching and hypnotherapy 

When I started working with Chloe I was in a constant state of overwhelm. I second guessed every decision and my self-esteem was really poor. Working together was a revelation. I've got my confidence back and life just feels simpler.


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Working with me 

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We work together virtually via Zoom, helping you to achieve your goals and make huge positive shifts in how you think and feel. I use hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP.


After 6-12 sessions, the positive changes will stay with you. You'll take away practical tools and a lasting transformation.


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Six years ago I was anxious and overwhelmed. No matter how hard I worked I didn't feel 'enough'

But these days I'm a much calmer person. I get lots done without the stress. I confidently speak in public to hundreds at a time and life feels exciting and fun rather than something to dread.. 

I've been there too.

I'd love to help you to:

Feel excited about life again

Instead of overwhelmed and anxious - you look forward to the week ahead. Sunday nights are about relaxation rather than Sunday night anxiety.

Be productive and focused

A clear, calm mind means you get more done, and done better. You're in flow more of the time and you breeze through your to-do list while feeling relaxed in your body.

Have Other people notice a change in you

Your best friend remarks 'You look like you've had a weight lifted off your shoulders!' And it's true, without the inner critic weighing you down, you're able to make sh*t happen and life feels fun again.

"I went to see Chloe when I was feeling low in confidence and her sessions really helped to change my perspective and feel really great about myself again. Would recommend her to anyone"

- Amanda 

You know that your best is enough, so the pressure is off and it's like a weight being lifted off your shoulders

How does this sound?

You say 'yes' to opportunities - whether it's an exciting new job, a first date or solo- travel 



You feel confident and 'good enough', able to 'give things a go' without perfectionism holding you back


Your internal dialogue is positive and encouraging. Your partner notices you smiling and laughing more


You feel confident to speak up - whether that's a presentation, meeting or in a group with new people. 


Getting clear on what was holding me back 

‘Working with Chloe helped me get clear on where I was holding myself back. She helped me focus in on what was actually important, and to see the progress I had made so far. She is a brilliant, sensitive coach who created a safe space for me to identify changes I wanted to make; and kept me accountable to actually make them.'


saw progress


Starting hypnotherapy with Chloe was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

 In the beginning, probably as every person, I was worried I might not be able to change and I was scared of failure. But I trusted Chloe completely and I still can’t believe how much progress I’ve made! I’m so much happier, calmer and healthier and I’m getting stronger and stronger every day. To say ‘thank you Chloe’ is definitely not enough! 


became happier and calmer

My experience with Chloe has been brilliant. I highly recommend her. 

Each session was calming and relaxing and Chloë is fantastic at making you feel at ease and comfortable. I saw a big improvement and have recommended Chloë to friends. She is a great support for people who want to make a change in their lives but aren’t quite sure how. Very much worth it! 


got a big improvement 

“Thank you so much for helping to make me a better version of me. My confidence has grown hugely from our sessions together. It has made a huge difference to the person I am.”

Ruth grew her confidence

Is This Right For You?

Are you frustrated by how much time you spend worrying or overthinking things?

your inner critic stops you from going for what you want

you're plagued by ‘not feeling good enough’ no matter how much you achieve

You compare myself to others constantly and just wish you could appreciate the things you have.

You'd love to be able to relax and read a book, but feel you always have to be productive or 'achieving' something.

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I saw Chloe for several sessions during a time when I struggled with anxiety, insecurity and negative thinking. Each session calmed me and made me feel much better in myself, and the experience has had a lasting effect making me a more confident person. Highly recommend Chloe!

- Hannah