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Are you was mystified with how on earth you’re going to get clients to fill your roster as a hypnotherapist or coach? Would you love to take your coaching or hypnotherapy business online and create successful online courses and memberships?

Are you struggling with things like:

* Wondering where do you start and what do you focus on first?
* Feeling overwhelmed about all the things you ‘could’ do but finding there was never enough time
* Finding a ‘niche' 
* Are you terrified of turning on your Instagram live to talk about your work, worried people will think you’re woo woo and weird?
* Using time effectively and knowing what to focus on to get the best results. 
* How to scale and knowing when to go full time in your business

I work with business owners, coaches, consultants, hypnotherapists and those in the wellness industry to launch and grow their businesses to create their version of success, without burning out.

I've been a hypnotherapist since 2011, I built my business myself with the help of some amazing teachers, coaches and mentors along the way. 

Since those humble beginnings, I’ve published two successful books with Penguin, written for dozens of publications from The Guardian to Marie Claire and The Independent. 

My podcast The Calmer You Podcast has had over 1.3 million downloads and sits in the top Mental Health podcasts each week. 

Last year I spent 3 months abroad, travelling and focusing on my own personal and professional development and I still made a great living.

I now live and work in Bali, seeing clients and running my online courses from here. 

Would you love to:

- Create a business that you love to run, helps lots of people and which gives you the time, freedom and energy to enjoy what matters most to you.

- Get clear on your message and how to communicate what you do so that you can connect with your ideal client.

- Scaling what you do and creating packages, online courses and products so you can serve more people and create more income (without having to clone yourself!)

- Get more dream clients that you're excited to work with

- Figure out what to focus on to get you the best results for your time - so that you can find more work/life balance and create success without the stress

- Develop the clarity and confidence to put yourself out there on social media

- Set goals that leave you feeling inspired, excited and motivated

- Get Press that helps you to spread your message far and wide and establish you as an expert in your field. 

- Release the hidden blocks such as imposter syndrome and fear of failure that stop you from getting where you want to be 

I use a combination of coaching, hypnotherapy and my own experience in business to support you in yours. 

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