Unusual but Easy Confidence Boosters

Oct 5, 2015 | Anxiety, Blog

confidence boosters
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Unusual but Easy Confidence Boosters

Confidence, we all want it. When we’re confident, life feels easier, we’re more able to pursue our dreams, enjoy our relationships and succeed at work.

I’m constantly amazed at how, even those who appear really confident on the outside, often report that they experience fear, self doubt and nerves on the inside.

Confidence can be something that fluctuates according to how things are going in our lives but there are always things that we can do to give ourselves a confidence boost and below I’ve collected some unusual but effective ways to quickly boost confidence.


Studies have shown that posture can actually affect the levels of hormones in our bodies. A closed up, small body posture can increase levels of stress hormones, making us feel less confident. While an open and powerful posture (think, ‘Wonder Woman’, with hands on hips) can increase levels of testosterone in the body and lead to a feeling of power and self confidence.

Focus your attention outwards

Often when we’re lacking in confidence and feeling self conscious, our attention is directed inwards. We’re thinking about ourselves, about what others must be thinking about us and how we’re perceived. If we direct our attention outwards and away from ourselves, we’re more able to be in the moment and just be ourselves. Try focusing on your surroundings and all the colours and objects around you; of if you’re talking to someone, really focus intently on them and what they’re saying. By doing this you tune into your surroundings and the experience, and become less aware of yourself.

Do the things that scare you

Although it can be unpleasant at the time, doing the things that we lack the confidence to do, helps us to overcome our fear and prove to ourselves that we can cope. If you lack the confidence to meet new people, put yourself in situations where you’ll have to meet them. If you’re scared to speak in public, take steps to put yourself in situations where you’ll have to. Overcoming your fears will boost your confidence and teach you that these things are rarely as bad as we think they’re going to be.

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Smiling sends a biofeedback message to our brains, telling us we’re happy. If you feel scared or you’re doubting yourself, paste on a smile (even if it’s a fake one!) It could help you to feel more light hearted and boost your mood and confidence.

Big yourself up

There have been times in your life that you’ve overcome challenges, dealt with difficult situations, helped other people and achieved things. Remind yourself of all of these things, and all the skills and abilities you developed as a result. By doing this, you remind yourself that you are a capable human being and that you can overcome other challenges in your life.

Shake it off

Animals do this all the time when they want to quick diffuse stress and tension from the body. Ever seen a cat or dog vigorously shake when they’ve had a fright? Try this; shake your body all over for a few seconds. Really go for it! Play a fun song as you shake to get an added benefit (I like ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift).

Doing this is a ‘Tension Release Exercise’ and can help us to get rid of tension and stress, instead of holding on to it. It can help us to feel more light-hearted and less serious when we’re lacking in confidence.

Mirror work

Look into your own eyes in the mirror and tell yourself positive things like ‘I am a wise person’ ‘I am a confident person’ and ‘All is well’.

The things that we tell ourselves mean something, and there’s something powerful about looking into our own eyes when we do this that helps to ensure that we start to believe it.

It’s none of your business

Finally, remember that what other people think of you, is none of your business. What people think is entirely made up of their own experiences in life, their upbringings and the sort of day that they’re having. It’s not a true reflection of you. So remind yourself that what other people think of you is their stuff, and try not to take it personally.

Do you have any quick or unusual confidence boosting tips? Have you tried any of these listed? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Johnny

    Fantastic tips and reminders, finding them useful from #practice #the straight off #the get go #☺️

    • Chloe B

      Thanks Johnny – really good to hear that! Thanks for your support.


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