Your Calmest Self

An online course for anxiety sufferers who want to stop worrying and comparing and finally live an anxiety-free and happy life.

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When it comes to wrestling your anxiety on a daily basis, do you – 

👉🏻 Avoid attending events and parties or situation where you have to meet new people because you’re constantly worrying what they’ll think of you?

👉🏻 Never set big goals because you get anxious thinking about all the overwhelmingly number of things you’ll have to change to make it happen?

👉🏻 Drop on your bed every night exhausted by another anxious day and just wish you could switch off and relax?

👉🏻 Never speak up at work out of fear you’ll say the wrong thing and everyone will judge you while you wish the floor swallowed you up whole?

👉🏻 Live with the voice in your head who’s constantly freaking out and you have a hard time turning it off?

When you become anxiety free, you can: 

💫 Speak up at team meetings in the office and make plans to travel solo to a foreign country. Rather than anxious, you feel excited!

💫 Show up to a networking event and feeling confident working the room and talking to as many people as possible.

💫 Say “yes!” to opportunities that you didn’t even notice before (because anxiety was blinding you). It could be a promotion, opportunity to live in a new city, a wonderful relationship.

💫 Fully switch off and relax into your own skin. People remarking on how relaxed and happy you seem.

💫 Finally follow through on submitting that proposal, article, portfolio, or even starting your own business.

💫 Imagine feeling good about just being you; knowing that you are enough.

It’s totally possible for you to do these things without freaking out or letting anxiety get the best of you.

Your Calmest Self is an online course for anxiety that gives you the tools to manage it.

First, this course uses scientifically proven cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that enable you to change your thoughts and your feelings so you can start to move towards anxiety free living.

Second, you’ll become more relaxed and mentally at ease using our specially designed hypnotherapy audio recordings.

From this space, welcome to your whole new world.

If anxiety, stress, and fear feel like a burden holding you back from putting yourself out there and living the most amazing life, you’re going to love what I have in store for you.

Once you go through the programme once, you’ll have the tools and this programme forever. You can follow the programme over 12 weeks, or dip in and out at your own pace. It's flexible and can work around you.



✅ Feel “flight or fight” mode coming on? I’m giving you a handful of simple ways to catch it and calm down ASAP.

Specially designed hypnotherapy audio recordings to help you at a deeper level to become more relaxed and mentally at ease.

The best supplements and foods to include in your diet when you feel especially anxious or stressed.

Strategies for becoming more compassionate and loving towards yourself (instead of your own biggest enemy).

Scientifically proven cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that enable you to change your thoughts and your feelings.

The 'can't-live-without' quick daily habit that creates more positivity while reducing stress.

The scoop on mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily life (without taking up too much time) so you can live in the present and live more happy moments.

You'll be able to download all of the course materials from my membership site and keep them forever.

Once you enrol, you get access to the membership site and course materials instantly.

Go through the course in 12 weeks, or at your own pace. You can come back to the materials anytime.

Content is delivered to you via tailor-made videos you can watch (or listen to) in the comfort of your home on your own time.

One-to-one email support with me, Chloe Brotheridge, during the 12 weeks of the program. I am here to guide you as you incorporate these techniques into your life.

Hey, I’m Chloe.

For the past ten years I’ve worked as a hypnotherapist, coach and NLP practitioner helping thousands of clients, students, and anxious people from all walks of life overcome their anxiety to become their calmest, happiest selves.

I’m also a former anxious person turned calmest self and best selling author of The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution, published by Penguin.

I love working with people who are going through exactly what I went through. It’s amazing to show them that calmness is available to all of us.

How we roll.

  • To start feeling calmer immediately, we start off by learning one quick and enjoyable daily technique.. You can use this anywhere!
  • An incredibly powerful hypnotherapy recording to help you to reprogramme your mind to feel safer, more confident, and more at ease.
  • I’ll help you declare your goals with a fun and enlightening exercise.
  • Understand what anxiety is and why we get anxious.
  • What does mindfulness have to do with it? We’ll dive into this ancient practice and why it’s a key antidote to anxiety.
  • Learn the best mindfulness strategies for becoming more present in your daily life.
  • A simple process to take you quickly out of fight or flight mode and into rest and digest mode: a much calmer, happier state to be in!

  • This week you'll learn how to quickly calm the fear centre of the brain when you feel overwhelmed and need instant relief.
  • Learn all about the “Perfection Myth”, how it’s at the root of most anxiety, and how to recognize if you’ve fallen victim.
  • Discover how the way you speak to yourself changes your reality and how to change your self talk to become your own best friend.
  • A brand new hypnotherapy recording to help you to release past negativity, let go of pressure, and treat yourself with more kindness and respect.
  • This week you'll learn about the Worry Myth and the one trick to stop worries from ruining your life.
  • Discover why you want lots of self-efficacy and exactly how to get more of it.
  • Identify and eliminate habits + behaviours that are keeping you stuck.
  • Learn how to get your imagination on your side and change the way you see situations that normally trigger an anxiety response.
  • Why exercise could be better than drugs for anxiety.
  • A super-powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique for replacing anxious feelings with calm ones – in any situation!
  • A brand new hypnotherapy recording for turning down anxiety and fear while learning to see yourself as a calm and confident person.
  • We’ll dive into some simple cognitive behavioural techniques to change your thinking and your mood.
  • The diet mistakes you could be making that make anxiety worse.
  • Vitamins and minerals that keep your stress at a healthy level! I’ll show you the key supplements you need to be taking to ensure you feel your calmest and like your best self.

Plus 3 recordings of live workshops and hypnotherapy sessions to watch in your own time.

✨ The works-like-magic Neuro-linguistic-programming tool for healing the past and letting go of the old stories than have held you back.

Learn my secrets of self-care for busy people 

How to shift your identity so that you think of yourself as a calm and confident person 

The trick many public speakers use to infuse themselves with calmness and self belief no matter what they're doing or where they are.

Plus You'll Get These Bonuses FREE

Hypnotherapy Recording for Sleep (Value £47)

Hypnotherapy Recording for Confidence (Value £47)

Are you ready to stop over-thinking and start living your life to the fullest?

It’s time to become that calm and confident person you know is inside of you.

"I have really enjoyed taking part in this course, I have learnt many tips on controlling my anxiety and will continue to use these in future.

I have particularly enjoyed the audios and in fact it’s become a bit of a night time ritual for me.

I was attracted to this course mostly because of the convenience and ease of having it on line.

I can honestly say that over the last 2 weeks I have experienced no anxiety! I have packed to go on holiday which normally something as simple as that would send me over the edge but I have been absolutely fine 🙂

Thank you Chloe for this very well put together course, I have really enjoyed it, learnt a great deal and would recommend to a friend."

– Ashley

"I have noticed some big changes in myself, I’m a calmer and more mindful person in my day to day life. I’m able to manage stressful situations in a calmer way, leaving me less anxious and stressed than before I started the course.

Chloe’s programme is starting to really change me for the better, both myself and my loved ones are noticing I am happier person with less anxiety and stress in my life.

The skills I have learnt during the programme are invaluable tools for someone like myself who has suffered panic attacks, which I will continue to use in my day to day life."

– Nadiya, 30, London

"Chloe has been wonderful in my pursuit to help me achieve a decent night’s sleep and to overcome anxiety issues."

– Laura, 31, London

I'm doing a special COVID discount for this programme which ends soon.

Your investment for Your Calmest Self is £497


JOIN NOW – £276 (GBP)

Course terms and conditions are here – they apply when you purchase the course.

I want your purchase of this online programme to be anxiety-free. If you follow the programme, try out the resources, listen to the hypnotherapy sessions (I do check!) and don't feel any benefit after 14 days, I'll refund your investment.

"I was first attracted to the course, as I was interested in what the course offered and therefore keen to explore this further. I was already familiar with some of your mini-workshop sessions previously provided via email, in addition to your podcasts and fantastic books!

I thought the online programme was great and it was nice to be able to follow modules at your own pace, plus it is good you are still able to access and refer back to modules and content even after you complete the course.

The course provides helpful information and resources through informative videos, hypnotherapy sessions and worksheets. It is a great tool kit and one which is easily accessible both during and after the course.

I enjoyed all aspects of the course and would definitely recommend to others.

Thank you, Chloe, for taking the time to share insight, personal experience and support through this online programme."

– Sarah

"Yes, I would recommend this course to others as I feel less anxious now than I did 6 months ago and if I feel stressed I know I can use several of the techniques to help me cope with it.

I found the online Anxiety course useful and beneficial and I am glad that I did it, as I learnt so much which helped me cope with my Anxiety. So, thank you Chloe."


"I was at a really anxiety-ridden point in my life when I started your programme and its really helped me to understand myself a bit more and look out for the triggers.

Having methods in place to control it has really calmed my mind. I also sleep so much better."


"Since starting the course, I have been so much more calmer, happier, relaxed, confident, stopped worrying about little unimportant stuff and stopped over thinking.  I would 100% recommend this course to anyone else.

I had a performance review at work just over a week ago and my manager mentioned that several people told her the differences they had seen in me. The review was so, so positive.  

Thank you so much and I’m so glad I have taken and completed this programme 🙂"


"I was attracted to the course as I was tired of feeling anxious and worried all the time. I wanted to help myself in a positive way without using prescribed medication.

Listening to the audios was really helpful and positive and inspiring for me, they seemed to help how I thought about things and how I feel generally.

I just wanted to say how helpful and worthwhile I found the programme and even though I have now completed it, I am still referring back to the materials and some of the exercises and audios, it’s kind of part of my life now and most days when I can I dip into ‘Calmer You’ to keep me on track."


As a professional therapist, I normally work with clients one-to-one with clients via Zoom. But in short hour long sessions, there is never enough time to teach all the tools and resources I want to. This online course for anxiety is a tool-kit, source of inspiration and guided path back to calm; and will powerfully help you to change your mindset and become your calmest self.

I want your purchase of this online programme to be anxiety-free. If you follow the programme, try out the resources, listen to the hypnotherapy sessions (I do check!) and don't feel any benefit after 14 days, I'll refund your investment.

But I'm doing a special COVID discount for this programme.

Your investment for Your Calmest Self is £497


Course terms and conditions are here – they apply when you purchase the course.

I want you to know one really important thing.

You can never get rid of anxiety, fear, or stress completely.

The goal of Your Calmest Self is not to eradicate anxiety, but to take control of it.

When at healthy levels, these ancient human emotions actually make us smarter and more aware of our surroundings.

Anxiety will always be there, and that’s a good thing. (Imagine if you had no fear response if you were being chased by a bear!)

The problem is that anxiety, fear, and stress have found their way into parts of life where they hurt more than they help. The anxiety paralyses us from taking action and becoming our best selves. That’s what we need to change.

If you know that anxiety is keeping you from achieving your dreams, you’ll love this online course for anxiety.


✅ You constantly over-think situations. You can’t go out without feeling social anxiety or worrying about what you might have said wrong.

✅ You can think of someone who exudes confidence, and you feel envious of them. You’d love to be able to live life “without a care”.

✅ You worry about what other people think of you – enough that it’s keeping you from stating your opinions because you don’t want to sound defensive or worse – have other people judge you.

✅ You want to have control over every situation and the unknown scares you more than it should. When things don’t go according to plan, you feel overwhelmed and stressed. You’d like to be able to “go with the flow” more.

✅ Maybe you’ve already tried other solutions (therapy, medication, etc.) but nothing has helped yet, or you're looking for a calming boost on top of what you're already doing. You’d like to try to find ways of managing your anxiety without taking medication or as an addition to medication you're currently taking. (The idea is to solve the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.) Simple tools sound really good to you!

However, if you’re in one of the following two situations, I may not be the best person to help you.


You are severely depressed or anxious. This programme is not designed to replace any information from your doctor or therapist.

Please speak to your doctor before enrolling in Your Calmest Self. You can also email my at with any questions and to find out if it's right for you.

❌ You’re expecting a miracle. Though my methods and exercises are simple, you do need to implement them in order to see results.

''I honestly can't praise you enough!

I feel calm and in control of my thoughts, my outlook on situations has improved along with my confidence.

Having an accessible tool which enables me to gather my thoughts and put things in perspective is a godsend.

I have always been a face to face person who prefers to talk things out so using an online tool unnerved me slightly on how effective it'd be, I couldn't have been more wrong!

Thank you so much for making this, I think you're just wonderful 🙂"

– Fay, Age 24, Cheshire

"You're such a great advert for how you can overcome anxiety.

You come across as so together, confident (not in an arrogant way), and at peace.

I also liked how you combined downloadable anxiety sessions with other materials, all of which works together in a complementary way.

The weekly emails with short videos were also incredibly helpful as were the accompanying notes and you can keep going back over the material.

I've recommended you to some of my friends."

– Sarah, Age 34, UK

Course terms and conditions are here – they apply when you purchase the course.


How much time do I need to follow this course?

The great thing is that you can follow the programme on your own time and at your own pace if you need to.

Everything that’s worthwhile takes a little time.

This programme does require some investment of your time, but never more than a few minutes each day, plus time to listen to audios as you fall asleep.

Think of how much time you will save once you’re free from worry and anxiety. You’ll start putting the time you have to much better use!

Is this course right for me?

This course can help if you’re someone who:

  •  Can’t stop over-thinking things
  • Struggles to switch off and relax
  • Wants to live your life to the fullest but feels you’re holding yourself back
  • Wants more freedom and joy and to live in the moment
  • Feels the pressure to be ‘perfect’
  • Gets fearful about giving presentations or meeting new people
  • Feels overwhelmed and as if you can’t cope at times
  • Feels anxious, stressed, OR fearful on a regular basis
  • Wants to feel calmer, more confident, and have more happier moments

Chloe, what is your professional experience?

I have been a professional hypnotherapist for the past 10 years. I have also trained as a coach and NLP practitioner. I have written for The Independent, The Guardian, Women’s Health, Glamour, Mind Body Green, Stylist Magazine and Tiny Buddha blogs amongst others.

I’m the author of the bestselling book The Anxiety Solution which reached number 3 on the whole on Amazon UK. My podcast The Calmer You Podcast has been downloaded over 1.8 million times.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work one-to-one as a hypnotherapist and coach with clients with anxiety from all over the world via Zoom.

I’ve also experienced anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem myself so I know how horrible it can be. I’m on a mission to help others in the same situation.

Should the programme replace therapy?

This programme is not designed to replace therapy or your medication as both can be helpful.

It can be a great addition to therapy, or you may have done therapy before and are looking for some more tools and ideas to help you to make positive changes.

Perhaps other things haven’t worked for you in the past and you want to try something new.

Maybe you can’t afford therapy right now but really want to do something to help yourself.

This programme is for you.

What if I can't afford this right now?

I offer a payment plan so you can spread the cost over 8 months. It works out at just £3.50 a day for the 12 weeks.

There is no risk involved since if you follow the the course and it doesn’t help you, I offer a full refund within 14 days.

I've tried so many solutions. How do I know this one will work?

I absolutely believe you can change and I’m here to help. You are changing all the time, in fact, change is the one thing we can be certain of.

You very likely weren’t born anxious, and you certainly weren’t born over thinking, which means it was something you learned over time.

I have a 14-day “Anxiety-Free” guarantee (which means that I don’t want you to feel anxiety when signing up for Your Calmest Self).

I invite you to join Your Calmest Self, implement the strategies, and see if in 14 days you don’t start to feel calmer and find the resources helpful.

How is the programme delivered?

You’ll receive easy access to the programme via email and on the members-only area of the website.

The programme is made up of videos, downloadable audios, and worksheets and live online workshops.

You also have lifetime access to the programme so you can return to it whenever you want as long as I’m still running it.