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Jan 22, 2018 | Blog

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‘ There are more important things to worry about than money ’ – right? This is true, there are.

However, money is the biggest thing we worry about in our day to day life and therefore an issue that we need to address.

In an online survey of 2,000 UK adults, 20 percent said money worries had an impact on their health.Money

A further 17 percent admitted the relationship with their partner suffered, while eight percent said another area of their life had been affected.

The younger generation worries more about money, with 58 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds stating they frequently or occasionally worry about the state of their finances, compared with 30 percent of the over-55s.

Regardless of how many pennies you have, how old you are, or how much you owe, money is a worry. The new year is the perfect time to not only review your finances, but review your relationship with cold hard cash, and stop it from taking over your every waking thought.

Why money needs to stop dictating our lives:

It wastes time!

Worrying gets you NO WHERE. Whether you sit around worrying all day or not, your financial situation is going to stay the same.

Your bank balance won’t suddenly increase because it feels sorry for you. Not only that, being distracted by negativity such as this means you have less time to think about and focus on more productive things.

It deprives you of sleep.Money

Staying up at night going over and over your finances will not only make you sleep deprived but make it even harder to function the next day.

Lack of sleep will result in lower mood, and we all know worrying and overthinking occurs most when we’re being a grump.

It leads to behavioural issues.

Money Crashers says: ‘People respond to stress in many ways. Some smoke or turn to alcohol in an attempt to calm their nerves; others overeat or under-eat. Still others withdraw from social situations so that they can further worry about their plight, especially if they’re so far-gone that it seems no one understands.

If you’re isolating yourself or otherwise “escaping” because of money issues, give yourself a break. Remind yourself that it’s not really the end of the world no matter what you or anyone else might think.

Distinguishing the harmful effects of worrying about money issues is important, but you may be thinking:

‘Yes, I know all this, I know not sleeping makes me worry more and I know I’m wasting my time by going over the same money issues. I am aware I have fallen victim to a never-ending cycle. But what I need to know is how I can STOP worrying – so I can move forward and have a more positive outlook, so I can approach my money issues in a calmer and composed manner whilst still being at peace with myself.’

I totally agree. Knowing you worry about money is one thing, but trying to stop worrying is a totally different ball game.

But, before you change your actions, it’s first important to change the way you think.

The very first thing you need to establish before reading on is that money won’t resolve your issues. The mindset that winning the lottery will mean you will have the perfect, worry-free life is completely false.

The truth is that when people suddenly get a lot of money, they’re still the same person with the same fears and worries.

It is time to gain control of our own thoughts, and stop letting outside sources like money dictate the way we think and interrupt our peace of mind.

Think Differently!

Mindfulness is the first step to being a calmer you.Money

One handy tip is to create a Mantra that you can repeat to yourself when you become worried. It will keep your mind focused and help regain your calm.

Some examples are ‘worrying changes nothing’ or ‘I can overcome this’ or simply just ‘breathe’.

Meditation or praying is another way to draw positivity from what you believe in.

By clearing your mind and finding peace, you are letting go of fear and any worries. But again, this involves taking time to yourself and being mindful – having a hectic and stressful routine will only keep your mind racing at 100mph and your stresses will be ever-present.

Take a few minutes out of your day to regain composure.

Imagine the worst-case financial scenario. Often many of us put off thinking about what could go horribly wrong as a coping method of not having to deal with certain situations. But, but addressing what the worst-case scenario would be you are making the ‘unknown’, known. Address it, and move on.

One step to being more mindful is living in the present.

MoneyGranted, being aware of your future financial dealings is important, but by taking one day at a time and addressing each transaction at once, you won’t worry about things that haven’t even become a problem. ‘

What if my savings run out’ or ‘what if I don’t have enough for retirement’ are issues that do need addressing, correct. But worrying isn’t going to solve them.

Instead, do things today to help tomorrow. For example, do you really need to buy lunch or would you benefit more by saving the money? The Huffington Post have a great article on coping when feeling worried and obsessed over money.

By addressing the issue in a straight-thinking type of way, you are leaving zero space for overthinking and paranoia.

We often worry when we allow negative thoughts to build up and up to the point where we have created a situation much more extreme to the ones we are actually experiencing in real life.

Blogger Denise Duffield-Thomas came up with some super straight forward tips for when you’re worried about money:

Voice your fears

Actually talk or write about it, but at least acknowledge what you’re worrying about.

If you haven’t heard about that before, you must read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He talks about how everyone has got their own upper limit of happiness, success or even money.

MoneyMake a plan

How much do you want to make? Do you even know? What’s going to help you overcome some of those money fears?

Know your numbers

Know how much you need and know how much you want to make. Put a figure on it, and know what you’re asking for. Otherwise, your vague requests are going to return vague results.

Finally, the last piece of advice I can give is to know that you are enough. You are enough, you’re doing enough, you’re doing great. You need to establish this in your mind. Money isn’t the problem here, your thoughts are.

A stronger mind-set and a little faith in yourself is going to make all the difference. I promise you!

Feeling positive about yourself will spur you on to creating concrete plans on how you can resolve your issues.

You can grow your abundance because you’re not coming from a place of worry and self-doubt. Be brave! Be mindful, be confident. Your financial situation doesn’t define you, so stop letting it.




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