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Feb 8, 2015 | Anxiety, Blog

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There is only ever one thing to do

Life can get pretty overwhelming. I was reminded of this last week, as I stared at my ever expanding to do list, wondering how it was all getting done.

As I took a shower, I pondered all the things I had to do that week, as I ate my breakfast, my mind trawled over the workshop I’d be presenting soon, as I walked to work, mental cogs whirred over the clients I was about to see.

mental cogs

Our minds can have this tenancy to want to keep everything there all at once. Perhaps this was useful for our survival at some point, before pen and paper were invented, to help us to remember things.

My mind was feeling a little overloaded but then a post by Byron Katie (love this woman) reminded me that ”There is only one thing to do”. It rang so true to be that I had to share it.

“What we need to do unfolds before us, always — doing the dishes, paying the bills, picking up the children’s socks, brushing our teeth. We never receive more than we can handle, and there is always just one thing to do. Life never gets more difficult than that.” ~ Byron Katie

There is only one time that anything can be done and that’s in the present moment. Thinking about things in the future won’t help them to get done any faster, nor is it even very helpful at giving us answers, since so often we have the same non-constructive worries that circulate around our heads over and over.

So, concentrate on what you’re doing right now. Make a list for future things and leave them there until you have to address them. What you’re doing right now is all that is required of you and you have all the resources and abilities to deal with it, right now, in this moment.

All the things in the future can be dealt with in the future, which will then, be now. You can handle it and take it in your stride. There is only one thing to do and that’s what you’re doing right now.

Wishing you a calm and happy week!

I’d love to hear whether this resonates for you and whether you have any tips of stopping worry. Please comment below and share this with anyone you think it may help!


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