Ep.98 Flow and how to talk about money and how to be electric with Jody Shield

Apr 20, 2020 | Anxiety, Blog, Podcast

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Jody Shield is a performance coach, author of best-selling self-help book “Self-Care For The Soul”, inspirational speaker, TEDx speaker and host of the “Be Electric” podcast. She likes to talk about money.

I hope you can be inspired by Jody’s infectious positivity and confidence.

We chat about:

  • What it means to be ‘in flow’
  • Why we’re so scared to talk about money and how to face your money demons 
  • Consciousness hacking (this is fascinating!)
  • Jody’s experience of plant medicine

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Intro: Hello, and welcome to the calmer you podcast. This is your host Chloe Brotheridge, I’m a coach, a hypnotherapist and I’m the author of The Anxiety Solution, and Brave New Girl. And this podcast is all about helping you to become your calmest, happiest, and most confident self. In this episode, I am so excited to get to speak to Jody Shield. She is a performance coach, she’s the author of the best selling self-help book “Self-care for the soul,” she’s an inspirational speaker on Ted x speaker and she’s the host of the “Be Electric podcast.” And I hope you will be as inspired as I was by Jody’s infectious positivity and confidence. And we get into interesting topics such as what it means to be in flow.

Being in flow

And maybe you’ve heard of this term you know “being in flow,” it’s really the state of mind that we want to be in. And we talk about how to cultivate this more and more in our lives, we get into the topic of money and how to talk about money which still in 2020 is such a taboo topic, but it’s a real passion of Jody’s to speak about this and to help us to face our money demons and cultivate more abundance in our lives.

We also talk about consciousness hacking, and this is completely fascinating to me, I think you’re going to be so intrigued by this topic, I’ll leave it to Jody to explain what that is but it’s something we can all do. She’s sharing the ways that she’s consciousness hacking, and things that we can all do ourselves. And finally Jody shares her experience, a very transformational experience of that of plant medicine.

So if you want more tools and resources to become your calmest happiest and most confident self, I’ve got less a freebies on my website, you can head over to calmeryou.com/free, enter your e-mail address there and I will send you right away worksheets, audio downloads and podcast updates. So head over to calmeryou.com/free to get that. So let’s get into the interview with Jody Shield.

Chloe: Alright, let’s do it.

Jody: Let’s do it.

Chloe: Welcome Jody, thanks so much for joining me. How are you?

Jody: Thank you so much, I am feeling really good today actually and I was… yeah it’s Valentine’s Day and self-love day I suppose. So yeah I’ve booked a lovely rose quartz crystal for the alter.

Chloe: Lovely. Thank you, beautiful. Can you share with us, maybe for people that don’t know your work, what it is that you do and how you got to where you are today?


Performance and business coach

Jody: Totally, so my journey has evolved enormously over the past 6 and a half years. And I know that you and I have been in business a similar amount of time actually, and so we’ve both really evolved of this been amazing to watch. So now I’m a performance and business coach.

I love because I’m from a family of entrepreneurs myself and I worked for 10 years in the ad industry as a business director handling massive clients, and big budgets, and you know I love supporting people to expand and grow that business and identify new opportunities. It’s what really lights me up but I never ever thought I’d say that because my journey has evolved so much over the 6 years, and I worked on love and relationship topics, on money, on mindset, on lots of different things but for me business is my sweet spot now.

And I think what I bring to the conversation around business coaching which is different is consciousness. How can weigh built these really successful businesses that are very financially rewarding as well and do it in a really conscious mindful way where we feel in alignment with ourselves and we are tuned in to our deepest sense of mission and purpose, and what we’re supposed to be doing here on the earth. Just let’s dive into the who straight away. How can we feel really good in the process, because you know I think many of you who are listening probably still work in corporate career and other people’s businesses and there’s this work hard, strive hard mentality.

I’m sure you probably come across with your clients so often, that you have belief that we have to work really really hard to be successful. Many people in the corporate world have that belief system and are driving their success from that place, and actually then when you pause and start your own career often you transfer those belief systems to this new business and it’s certainly what I did. And I was burning myself out after 2 years, just like in the same situation as I used to burn up in the corporate world.


How do you run your business?

So for me the primary I suppose objective of running a business now, is how can we be turned into ourselves as I said, conscious about our behaviors, the way that we’re showing up in our businesses, the way that we’re managing people, the way that we’re leading. So how can we be authentic, how can we operate in a state of alignment, so everything feels like effortless effort, that was my big intention for 2019 was how can my career and life feel effortless, like how can it be effortless effort? So yeah, so that’s what I’m doing now and I work with people in a one to wall and I work with high profile C.E.O.’s and leaders, and talent, and then I was with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative in small or intimate group coaching environments, and then I have to online courses.

So it’s bizarre and I think we’ve probably been on a similar journey, it’s like we start off being practitioners and refining our skills and getting these incredible tool boxes together, full of amazing tools, like hypnotherapy and meditation and mindfulness, and then we end up being marketers in a digital marketing era and we’re scaling and we’re recruiting people into are amazing experiences. So yeah in a long winded way that’s who I am now.

Chloe: Amazing, I love the idea of effortless effort. And I think everyone can relate to that sense of life feeling more pressure than before, going a greater speed than ever before and so much of the business advice you hear is about hustling and pushing yourself and you know how to survive a four hour sleep.

Jody: Yeah.

Chloe: And so to bring in the consciousness of the heart I think is such an important part of it.

Secrets of a millionaire mind

Jody: You just touched on something really powerful, and I’d love to give an example to people who are listening, have you read the book the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind.

Chloe: No,

Jody: Ok, if you haven’t it’s a really good book it’s by T Harv Eke, you can get it on audible, and it is you know I’m really into talk about money and helping people enhanced their relationship with talk about money. It’s a great book and the some amazing insights in there, but throughout the book he’s constantly telling people to work harder for this money.

You know if you have an intention around turning over a 1000000 pounds then you just got to go for it, you got to work 12 hour days, 14 hour a days and it’s really interesting because his book was written I think in the ninety’s or like that it must’ve been the ninety’s you know when the hustle energy was still around. So I think yeah and that still exists as you say like how can we survive especially in the digital marketing arena, right? Even in the world of coaching and wellness, there are lots of coaches out there who really go for it. They hustle, yeah.

Chloe: Interesting, Absolutely yeah, definitely need to see a lot of that but it’s nice to hear about how they can be a different way of being. I suppose that leads me on to my next question which is about flow because I know this is something you talk a lot about and I remember, it might have been 4 years ago when you first introduced me to this idea of flow and being in flow. And at the time I thought this is just I can’t understand this, this is not my way of operating and I’ve now come to understand and see that it’s the way to me but can you explain what that means to people?

Jody: Of course I will but 1st of all I just want to say to everyone listening, you know Chloe is just someone I admire so much because I’ve just seen you transform so much on this amazing journey. And to be this powerful business leader who you are now is just amazing, because I was reflecting on when we first met. We were like super early in the wellness scene, there weren’t that many other people around like wanting to have this conversation about wellbeing and we met, it was like this really cool connection, and I just really watched you grow so I’m just really proud of you I just wanted to say that.

Chloe: Thank you.

Jody: Flow State, Yes, is this a hippy dippy term or is this actually something real, Ok. I’ll give you guys another book recommendation, and for you Chloe if you haven’t read this yet it is a really super good book, the book is called Stealing Fire, and it’s basically about how maverick scientists Silicon Valley C.E.O.’s and Navy SEALs revolutionize the way that we live and work, and it’s got references to Google in there and it’s got references to some really amazing companies who talk about this flow state, there are two authors of the book, Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler, their aim is to demystify this. What is the flow state? Like what is it what does it mean?

The importance of alignment

And in essence to me, I’m a very kind of I suppose spiritual person and I believe in energy and I believe in alignment, I probably said the word alignment about 10 times already, but it’s like being your flow state is when like there this sense of effortlessness, spaciousness, and no mind. So the absence of thought, and infinite possibilities are available to us, so you could say it’s the present moment, right? You know that feeling when you’re in such a present place where you just you glimpse this feeling that everything’s possible.

Chloe: That’s my favorite feeling.


Jody: You just come out the jungle, so you know what that feels like right, it’s like for a minute you’re in the cosmos and you’ve just got access to everything, everything is possible. That for me epitomizes the flow state and Jamie and Steven are trying to put science behind this because it is this… I suppose it is a place of presence where you’re tapped into this sense of infinite intelligence and, what I call kind of divergent thinking. So in meditation, we talk a lot about the science of meditation and how it promotes divergent thinking, which is in effect, like a new original creative thought.

So you know the idea that Elizabeth Gilbert talks about a lot in her books about how there is never a new idea, we’re just rehashing ideas constantly. Totally, but also you’ll have me and you could have the same idea but it will be totally different, because it’s delivered through your personality and your amazing radiance, and if I had the same idea, it would be completely different as well.

Tuning in to creative thoughts

I do feel like there’s this place that we can tap into that is all about original creative thoughts. Quick example when I did my 1st digital course launch, a proper one like the ones before were just a mess but this one, I was like I didn’t have a clue about Facebook advertising, or how to build an audience or anything, and I meditated for an hour and I really asked my highest self, so you guys might refer to this as like you wise self and whatever you want to… whatever you want to call, but I tune into my highest self that is highest sense of wisdom and I was like How do I launch this program, tell me?

And the message I got was like you… like it was so prescriptive, you know I just won a competition to win a coaching program with me, you revisit that list of like 1500 people, and you email everyone, and you say hey I’m organizing a free Call, I’m going to talk about you having a successful business this year, are you in?

Tuning in

I got like 50 e-mails back I got those people on calls, and I did this like mad like organic successful launch the 1st time around and I would not have done that not been tuned into my alignment and flow state and my wisdom, because I just freaked out. I would have gone is where I was probably bombarding my Instagram audience with far too many messages at the time, I would have like freaked out but this time I was like No, I’m just going to slow down, tune in and I’m going to see what insight wants to come through on a marketing level, why not, let’s see. And yeah it’s really interesting when you tune in.

Chloe: That’s amazing, I think that’s what people don’t necessarily know about meditation. They think it’s about relaxation and they think it’s about you know trying to be less stressed but there’s this other dimension of actually becoming more intuitive, listening to your… yeah if we can I call it inner wisdom or something, listening to your inner wisdom and you get on says and clarity from things like that meditation. Yeah so I love that story, exactly inspiring. I suppose is meditation a way to get in flow then about other things people would suggest to people that want to have more of an expansive like anything’s possible mindset?


Jody: Yeah. I’m an avid meditation practitioner as a you, we’ve been doing it a long time. I’ve been meditating… I was saying to someone yesterday probably wants at least once or twice a day every day for the past you know half years and absolutely that is like my meditation practice is as evolved over the years.

So much that you know obviously I don’t need guided meditations now, I’m just very tuned into myself.

Getting into flow

So yeah absolutely meditation is a primary way you can get into the flow state, it takes practice like you probably tell your clients every day meditation is not something you can master overnight sadly, we live in a quick fix consumer society, so everyone just wants a quick fix but it’s something that you have to practice so yeah that’s one thing. I feel like I was hiking Table Mountain you know a few weeks ago and I was like… and I just got to this ledge on the mountain of the mountain where you could just see cape town, it just was so amazing I was just one of those moments where you’re like I’m alive. You’ve got loads of those in the jungle, like I’m alive, like how lucky am I to be alive on this planet at this time, and that put me instantly in a flow state you know.

That was insane and amazing, and very very cool. Something else just popped in, so I guess more practical which will help people. You know we spend so much of our day being out of our alignment, and out of this inner wisdom connection that you just said. We’re so often in the mind, I would say even me I’m probably 65 to 70 percent in my spiritual connection to is the day and then the rest I’m just in my head wearing all stressing so when I get in my head and I start wearing all stressing my go to tool is to know 1st of all to notice what’s going on, and then I go into Ok I accept that my mind is active right now I just accept it.

Chloe: That’s cool.


Chloe: I accept that my mind’s active right now, because you’re not trying to change anything you are literally being aware and accepting that oh yeah my mind’s going mad and it’s activated and lots of programs and thoughts are coming on, I accept. And then for those of you listening who find that a bit too much of an ask because that in that moment your mindset might say to you but how can you accept it. I then almost like counter balance that with.

I accept what I can accept about this as well. And when you go into acceptance you know you go right back into the flow state straight away. And if that doesn’t work, a tool that my friend taught me a few days ago is like self approval, so it’s like if you’re if you’re noticing the minds getting really active and pulling you out of your alignment, and your creativity, and your manifestation powers and all of that. You notice that that’s happening again and you go into a sense of approval, that I approve that this is what’s happening, I approve of this.

So I’ve given you 3 tools there, it really depends what word works for you because the word approval might trigger you, like it did for me for ages or the word acceptance might trigger you. So like with everything, find what resonates and then leave or leave what does not resonate.

Chloe: So yeah it sounds like what you’re saying is there’s a sense of noticing what’s happening, and also not resisting or fighting it but kind of bringing in some acceptance and love a supposed to that. And I’m always saying to people what we resist ,persists. I’m sure Karl Young said that. And if we resist and push it away it just makes it 10 times worse and a lot of our suffering is caused by us resisting stuff.

Jody: I totally agree.

Chloe: So I love that talk. Thank You, can we talk about money?

Jody: Definitely I love to talk about money.

Chloe: Because it’s almost like I mean even in 2020 it is still to talk about money, it is still something that is a bit awkward to talk about money even with our friends.

Jody: Totally.

Chloe: And it’s the biggest thing we argue about with our partners, it is the biggest thing that we worry about, and yet we don’t worry about it, we don’t talk about it, we don’t get thought about it at school, can you tell us a bit about your approach and your thoughts on this topic.

Let’s talk about money

Jody: Of course, of course, of course, first of all, I love talking about money, it’s taken me a few years to say that, I’ll be honest you know I like everyone listening had a certain childhood experience with money, and parents worrying about money, and stressing about money even though we had money as a family. So fast forward to now and the way that you interacted with your family around money has impacted you in this moment, and has created this, I call it a blueprint, so a blueprint basically is a pattern of behaviors and belief systems that you then operate from in the moment. And money like you said it’s one of the biggest topics and I think from all my experience, and I’ve been where I’ve been running…

Magnificent money

I was thinking about this the other day, I’ve been running workshops on money for I think 4 years. And 2 years ago or maybe 18 months ago was the fast time I put all of my learning and tools and teachings into an online cool school “magnificent money,” which we as a team and as a business launch once a year and yeah it’s amazing, the appetite for it is huge.

Like so many people want to enroll in this program, but the interesting thing is you know it brings all of your stuff up to the surface, like I’m not going to say it doesn’t, it’s one of those programs that I had an intention and I supposed the clues and the name. How can we be magnificent around money? So of course when you as a teacher have the intention to launch a course that is called Magnificent money, someone enrolls and what shows up immediately is everything is in the way between where they are now and their sense of magnificence around money basically.

So I end up taking people through this program, that is that really powerful and very transformational and around unit 3 every time, there’s like 10 units or 12 units, around units 3 every time is like the toughest week for people and I don’t know if you’ve run many online courses but it’s really interesting because everybody starts going Jody, this isn’t working. Oh my God, and I’m like hold tight. Unit 3, this always happens and without fail the next week they’ve moved through it and they’re in this new space, and they feel more positive about it.

Why Jody loves talking about money

So yes I love talking about money, I think there’s no reason why we shouldn’t in our society, we need to, it’s like the conversation around sex and around intimacy and around guilt and shame associated with that. Like it’s the conversation between so many conversation that we need to have a money is definitely one of them and I was reflecting on this yesterday because I’m recruiting for my intimate group coaching programs and I’ve got loads of people about that.

You probably witnessed this but like you know it’s a great cool and then at the end, we have the money chat. And for me I really like going into the discomfort of like I probably a bit… I probably freak people out because I was like in a happy place so when we come to that chat at the end of the call.

I offer to talk about the practicalities of this program and the investment actually. To work with me consistently in this program, it’s a 6-month program you get 24 hours of coaching with me which is a lot, you get a lot of you know one to one intimate time with me in the group and it’s this amount of money.

Getting comfortable with discomfort

Take a nice deep breath in and I just stop talking. “Can you tell me what just came up for you then because that was interesting?” Then I give them permission to go into the discomfort and My favourite part of the call is to talk about money because we need to and you know it’s amazing Chloe, and I’m sure you’ve experienced this, when you get someone in a transactional conversation when you’re talking about money, it’s such a massive experience for growth because it just brings all your stuff to the surface straightaway.

And if you don’t have those transactional conversations, you don’t get the opportunity to heal and transform all of the barriers that are in the way of you investing in your business in this case, and your career on your own self development and you as a business owner and everyone who’s listening who are either in a career or business owners we need to be investing into ourselves to expand and grow especially business owners, because if you’re not investing in yourself to expand and grow then you’re not able to build your platform, and you’re not able to really do this amazing work on a mass scale that we’re supposed to be doing.

So yeah, so it’s about going into these experiences that help you with money and what… you know here’s the thing my business is grown really in an interesting way, and for me you know I’m not a social media influencer and that’s never where I was meant to be but I am a business owner and entrepreneur, and I’ve watched myself scale financially over the years, and I’ve taken some really really big jumps financially speaking and I’ve been able to unlock those financial opportunities in my audience, and that’s all well and good but you have to do work on your current mindset and current thinking to be able to get you to that next level. Because if you have an intention of being a millionaire and I know that what might trigger some of you on the call, who are listening but for me it’s just a tangible goal right?

So yes, Ok a 1000000 pounds. To me it’s not about having the 1000000 pounds in the bank actually, it’s about who you are as a millionaire, who you are as a powerful entrepreneur with way more resources to then give back to the world invest in courses you’re a passion about, in Amazonian courses, whatever it is, and be a really powerful conscious leader with much more availability and resources to do good stuff basically.

So for me it’s like as a millionaire, who are you, what are the decisions that you make, how are you showing up in the world how confident do you feel what are your thoughts? And we’re on this journey as human beings of expansion, we’re born for expansion, some of us get really stuck in the I suppose the worry and the faer, and it takes us a little bit longer to kind of get out of that to get onto a path of expansion, some of us expand through the fear and the pain, that’s cool but it’s like you know as an expansive person, our spiritual sense, our inner wisdom is on a mission to grow and expand as a powerful person so money helps you do that, yeah.

Chloe: And yet it’s something that so many people have a kind of dirty association with. I hear from people all the time I wish money just didn’t exist. Or a lot of fellow kind of therapists will say I hate charging money, I feel like I should be giving us away for free. And you know we hear all the time about how difficult it is for women to stick in the initial negotiation at a new job to ask the enough money and that sets them back throughout their whole career potentially because they’re not getting paid the what amount in the initial negotiation. And so it is something that holds us back, it is about expansion as you say rather than something dirty but we do get a message than even it is.

Jody: I totally agree and I think as a business leader, you and I both have this responsibility to get really comfortable with all value and self-worth, and confident in that space because when we are the people that come and work with us will feel that and they’ll be I spoke more excited by the idea of investing in themselves to grow. And like we have to keep doing that to grow, like we can’t… if you said yes to clients to come work with you for free, you feel super drained, the client wouldn’t be able to receive the amazing work that you’re offering because you know on a subconscious level or on a mental level we need to have this transactional component where you know money was invented for a transaction.

So it’s like I’m coming to see you for a therapy session on a coaching session you’re going to help me transform but if I don’t give you the money for that and I’m not going to fully be able to receive the work that you’ve given me. So I will go away and I’ll see a friend how is that session? I would be like yeah it was all right, first if I’ve given you a certain amount of money for your experience I’ll treasure that, like I’ll invest into that, I’ll treasure that and so what I’ll get back will be like a reciprocation of my energy,. does that make sense?

Chloe: That is a… I think a very common phenomenon and I’ve kind of friends of mine have thought of doing coaching or something, I said be careful about giving people free sessions, like friends of friends, that sort of things because they don’t… they’re not so committed and invested, they’re more likely to not show up there, and less likely to get results. And it is about that exchange of energy that is powerful I think.

Jody: Totally, you know what I’ve noticed which is really interesting and this is probably going to trigger a lot of people but this is good, we need to be you know asking people to go out of that comfort zone with this conversation.

So on a one to one level I work with high profile people, a small amount of them because I really want to help them drive themselves forward and their businesses forward, and it’s a 6 month program, it’s a big investment to work with me for 6 months.

Some people pay up front and it’s like this chunk of money comes in which is amazing but the transformation they then have a week later is miraculous, and actually I’ll give you an example, I worked with this amazing award winning t.v. producer who’s now set up a coaching business as well, so she’s doing both.

And she paid me up front at the end of last year, and she left me a voice messageabout week later and she said “wow Jody I’ve just pitched myself in as a creative consultant, I’ve doubled my rates, and I can’t imagine what the rate was. I just double my rate because I’m like why not, I’ve got nothing to lose, they’ve signed it off, so I’ve literally made use of my investment that I’ve made in you in like 2 months you know, so it was… or even a month’s time I can’t remember what she said, I think is about a month. So it’s like it’s mad something happens when you make a big investment, these opportunities are inspirational… Like these doors just open for you and suddenly you can see ways of making the money back.

Chloe: That’s such an interesting one isn’t it. I wonder if it kind links into a kind of identity, like I’m someone that invests in this amazing person that’s going to take me to the next level and suddenly you’re the person does that exactly, what other doors open up for you.

Jody: That’s perfect, that’s exactly it, yeah. You shift on a being level I would say, you shift, you go up. Danielle Laporte talks about this actually, Danielle is a really powerful coach as well guys, if you haven’t heard of a look her up, she’s really sassy and sexy, I like that. And so she says this a lot, as soon as you make that investment your energy shifts up to the next level. So like you say you then create opportunities that align with that high vibration I’d say.

Chloe: I love it, is there anything for people who are listening to this who are thinking they want to have a better relationship with money is there like a 1st step that you would recommend people today to start to look at that?

A better relationship with money

Jody: Yes yes yes yes yes, couple of things. Do a little honest money audit and what that means, what that looks like? Is get out your journal and describe what your current money reality is. So like for example I remember when I was 18…19… I was in a lot of credit card debt and I was just overspending a lot, and I hid from that for so many years because I was just in denial that was what was going on. So doing a money audit helps you get really conscious about what your money behaviors are, because you can see very plainly what you’re currently creating in relation to money, which then tells you what your belief systems are.

You know you can then take good guesses as to what you are believing about yourself and money, because whatever you are believing about yourself or money is creating these money situations. So for example if you are… like you said these are example if people are fearful of asking for a pay rise off if full of asking for a certain salary that you you’re worthy of receiving, you know you might describe that you’re journal like Right, you know when I ask for a salary I’m really afraid, I’m really anxious.

You then might have a good guess and say I believe I’m not deserving of earning this money, I don’t feel I’m worthy of earning this money, I don’t feel I’m worthy in the world or whatever it is. So just you know in general just describing what you’re currently creating is a really really great first step. Once a year I run this money program, and you know you can join the challenge that I’ll be running I don’t know when this is going to be, it’s probably going to be later on in the ex who just finished the program and it was amazing, but you can go to my website and sign up to a tool kit I’ve got the moment which is all about running a conscious business in 2020. And there are elements of financial management, and an new financial mindset work in that toolkit. So you can go and that’s a really good place to start as well as the order that you can just do today.

Chloe: Perfect, and I put that link in, to show to people as well. You mentioned just in past a moment but getting triggered and I think this is… I think as human beings if we can get better at noticing our triggers, noticing what’s really going on, that is such an important key to our healing and so often we get triggered and we think oh what are they talking about, you know I don’t like that confidence about talking about money or whatever we’re talking about. People get triggered by sex, money, almost anything..

Jody: People, all of us, we get triggered by people all the time. [laughs]

Chloe: Can you get into that a little bit about triggers and how to just watch out for that and what to do about that?

Jody: Totally. So you know it’s so easy to start judging, I’m going to use people as an example because I mean yes topics like you say, but people, because I think so many people can relate to people triggering you especially at Instagram, let’s say in the world that we are in at the moment. So when you get triggered by someone, it’s not about them even though we want to make it about them, we want to project on to them, we want them to know that they’re operating in a certain way or acting in a certain way that isn’t cool or whatever. Whatever it is, but it’s really not about them, it’s really not about them it’s about you and what that person is triggering in you is this result topic or unresolved aspect of yourself that you haven’t integrated in yourself.

Personal fulfillment

Like the goal of a human being is fulfillment, let’s say it’s whole being whole and we go through childhood, we go through experiences, we go through trauma and every time we experience something we kind of pop out of ourselves in a way, so like come to the present moment. Now a kind of we’re here but we’re not fully here which is why we can’t all be 100 percent present all the time. So we’re really good at attracting people in the right time to trigger us, to show us like a mirror these parts of ourselves that we haven’t looked at yet that are unresolved, so for me in that moment I listen, I am not a pro at this by any means.

I still encounter people who triggered me, and yet I’m getting better and better recovery so like if someone’s triggering me, I’ll take a step back, take a nice deep breath. And even if my in a teenage self is like who did they think they are, that that that.

I’ll be like calm down, like it’s not about them, and I’d be like What is it about them that triggers me? Oh they are showing off, and like this isn’t… they’re not even showing off but this is what I think is going on, they’re showing off. I’m connecting to the part of me that is the show off, and I’ll be like Ok, you know there is a part of you that’s a show off, so let’s just impact that a little bit right.

You know I’m always so grateful for people triggering me, it might take me a couple of days to get to that place but I’m like wow I’m so grateful that this person is triggering me right? Now I’m so grateful that I’ve created this experience where we can face each other this is amazing. And as you know gratitude really is powerful, that’s enough to shift it now if the person is a conscious person, spiritual person, is open to hearing about it because spiritual people are not always open to facing this.

But I’ve had it if you times where I’ve actually just called out with the person, and I have had a few times when I’ve tried to go out with the person, and I’m just not having any of it because I’m triggering them that much. And I trigger so many people, I’m so aware I triggered people enormously because I’m constantly inviting people to step off their comforts zone. So sometimes I’ll have a call with people that I can tell they just want to slap my face, and I’ll be like you just want to slap me right now, don’t you? and they’re like yeah how did you know? Because I can tell by your body language, but it’s cool. Like I’ll say to them “Look, I’m here as a mirror for you,” and it’s fine if you want to slap me, overcome that emotion very quickly they just feel part fight or flight wanting to defend yourself basically.

Anyway to digress slightly but my point is if I was connecting with you, and you were triggering me. First of all I know it’s not you, say hey you know there is something coming up in me right now, I know it’s not your stuff, I know it’s my stuff but I want to vocalize, it is that Ok? And a lot of the time they will be like yeah, because they’ll feel it’s something as well from me, and we just have a 10 minute conversation and it’s cleared. And sometimes that’s all it takes, but you know listen you it’s not easy to kind of ring people up and say can we meet and have an open hearted conversation about you’re triggering me right now, like people don’t want to face it, but I think the more we have these kind of conversations hopefully the more people will be willing to face that stuff a bit more.

Chloe: Love it, and I think how powerful to be able to face stuff and to be open, because otherwise it just gets shoved underground where it continues to fester and hold us back and how many friendships get ruined by the fact that we don’t have the courage to be able to actually tell people what is going on.

Jody: It takes courage, doesn’t it Chloe? And it’s like I don’t know about you I find it harder to do with friends actually. If I come across people that’s quite fine but sometimes friendships especially if they’re old historical friendships, a part of you doesn’t want to like lose this person, so you’re like oh my God if I have it out with this person, are they going to run the other direction and I don’t want you say it takes a lot of courage.

Chloe: Such a g.c. topic, thank you for sharing about that. So yeah, just inviting people listening to really notice you know I going to go buy something and kind of explore what’s going on for you, what are you suppressing in yourself that you’re perhaps actually just projecting onto the other person. I wanted to ask you about consciousness hacking, because I listen to your latest podcast, I was extremely interested in what you were sharing. What is consciousness hacking?

Consciousness hacking

Jody: Ok, so. It’s fairly new term especially in the u.k. and in Europe and I am literally beginning to open up conversations about this, I’m not the expert in consciousness hacking but I do recognize that I’ve been a consciousness hacker for the last 8 years, like you Chloe. It’s like we understand that where human beings and we’ve got stuff going on that we need to work through, need to face and to clear out of the way so that we can be like a channel for our message let’s say. And we’re on this quest to find new innovative ways to do that so. Earlier this year I relaunched my podcast, it’s called “be electric,” and I got a download in a plant medicine ceremony about this, just so that you know. And it was very much about this conversation about high performance and human performance needs to be out there more.

So how can you be the channel for that work? And it was really interesting because at the time I was really all about women, like female entrepreneurs and all of that. And I’m a member of the Albright club in London which is an all women’s club, and I was championing that but it wasn’t lighting up my soul. You know it was exciting, but as soon as I started to feel into this conversation about expansion and doing lots of things in your life to hack consciousness or open yourself up more as a spiritual being, as a healthy clean version of yourself. That really excited my soul, I think this is part of me that’s just like listen I’m a bit of a pioneer, I think I was having these kind of spiritual root conversations about 8 years ago when people in London were not ready to hear it.

And I was trying to be the translator from like the Spiritual a theory scene, being I’m talking to more of a mainstream audience. Obviously now everyone’s into it in some way shape or form or at least meditation but there’s still this educational need to inspire people to do things like bulletproof coffee, and intermittent fasting, and bio-hacking.


I’m actually interviewing a doctor… a scientist on bio-hacking on Monday, and plant medicine and psychedelic research, and all these amazing things that are going on on the global level to help with the transformation of mental health conditions. And you know it’s a very innovative field, and there’s a lot of science to back it up. So when I was thinking about consciousness hacking and flow state and bio-hacking, all these like high performing things that get talked about in that book Stealing Fire that’s why I mentioned it.

You know it’s all about how can we perform all highest in our lives, in our businesses. And Silicon Valley C.E.O.’s who all very innovative that coming up with really cool new tech platforms, left, right and center and all of that.

They’ve been doing consciousness hacking and bio-hacking and anti-aging techniques and you know brain wave like they do meditation in a very scientific wave where they hook you up to machine and they do like different kind of brain wave programs to get you like that consciousness all the time. And when I was in LA 2 years ago, I kept seating across the table from people, I talk to everyone as you can imagine, and people kept coming and sitting next to me and they kept saying to me, have you heard about micro dosing?

I asked “No, What is that?” They said using a small amount of some kind of medicine or psychedelic to hack into this subconscious part that we can always access. Doesn’t meditation do that? Yeah but this is different, and Ok, so I started like… it piqued my interest a little bit. So yes, I started being really interested in all of this.

Consciousness hacking

I’ve been consciousness Hacking in some way, shape or form for the whole 8 year period since I drunk Ayahuasca in the jungle. It was like I was… my soul was like constantly trying to find out whether it’s a crystal, whether it’s bullet proof coffee, whether it is you know micro dosing, whether it is that tree hugging, and then you know jumping out of a plane, I don’t know what it is but I was constantly on this quest to like figure out ways to expand my mind.

And not even just that, but like I just did a skydive a few weeks ago, it was the most interesting experience I’ve ever done on a mental level, because I wasn’t afraid which was quite bizarre I got in the plane with a guy, we jumped out of the plane and we free fell for 47 seconds and it’s like you’re completely out of control, there’s nothing to grab on to, right?

We were just tumbling for 45 seconds, my mind was freaking out because it was like well, I’ve got no way of protecting Jody, what’s going on, we’re going to die. You know like… and what happened I feel… and I haven’t talked to a neuro scientist about this yet but I want to. It scrambled my brain,. it’s scrambled the programming, I promise you when I landed my body was like pumped full of adrenaline, I went to bed the next morning. I’m still afraid in certain situations, and I’m still triggered obviously, I feel bold. It was like this shift, so… If what I’m saying appeals, maybe go and do sky diving.

Chloe: My hand are sweating slightly, it’s just the thought of jumping out of plane, maybe that’s a sign I need to it [laughs]. That’s so interesting, there is such… there is something about doing something that’s so kind of scary that everything else just seems fine, I mean when I started singing in public, public speaking became fine because singing is very much more nerve raking.

Jody: That’s amazing, I don’t think I could do that.

Chloe: Yeah-yeah, I’ve got into Karaoke of late. But I love it, so Ok, so the bullet proof coffee.

Jody: Yeah.

Cold exposure therapy

Chloe: I know you’ve taken some cold baths.

Jody: Oh yeah yeah, totally. This is a really interesting story basically. 2 years ago, my friend Perry who’s a very successful entrepreneur in his own right in the hairdressing industry and he is an extremist, like almost like the male version of me but more of an extremist than I am. Like he just pushes boundaries every day, 2 years ago got into this guy called Wim Hoff who is a pioneer and he’s got 21 world records for swimming under ice and the sitting in cold baths and he’s been injected with bacterial infections and hooked up in science laboratories and he’s proven that his techniques can boost immune system and fight off diseases and illnesses, it’s quite amazing.

And anyway, Perry was talking about Wim Hof and how he was having cold showers and how he was actually going to build this ice tank up on his roof that you could you know like to submerge in.

Tony Robbins has got one, but you could submerge yourself in and then it was like cold water therapy. I was not interested whatsoever but it was like for me the fare this thing from my mind, I was like I mean I’m not just interested in having a cold shower, that’s awful, why would you do that.


There’s a breathing technique that goes with that so he was telling us about how he could hold his breath for like 10 minutes or something mad and do 20 sit ups at the same time. Like I was that’s crazy, anyway forgot about that conversation. And then in October last year I’m working with this indigenous tribe doing plant medicine ceremony, and this old friend of mine runs over to me, she’s like oh my god Jody is so nice to see you, and I was like cool, like what are you doing now?

She’s like well I’m doing transformational breathing now actually, but not only that I’ve trained in Wim Hof and I’m taking my clients through ice therapy, and she’s like they all have an ice bath, we go on retreat and they all have an ice therapy, that’s part of the program, I’m like that’s cool, interesting, forgot about the conversation, then I got in the downloads in the plant medicines about to relaunch the podcast, it’s all about human performances.

Ok cool, 2 weeks after the plant medicine ceremony Wim Hof team emailed me, Hi Jody Wim Hof in town, do you want to interview him? And I was like Yes, I didn’t think about that. Yes of course, sent it to my team, get in touch with his p.r, like we’re doing this. So on the Friday I was there interviewing Wim Hof.

Interviewing Wim Hof

He’s friends with all these Hollywood actors is he’s a powerful energy, so I meditated and asked how do I show up to this interview because I imagine people who are interviewing him just got like a list of questions and they want to you know ask him and it’s all mental.

I was like no I’m going to I’m going to show up in my being so I’m going to show biz is equal actually on being level. so I mean that is like I’m in my power right, so we did that and we connected in this really high powerful, he got me, he felt me straight away and it was a really powerful exchange and even though the interview is pretty crazy because he’s a mad Dutch scientist type. It was amazing, so I was like the bar is raised now, like this is amazing.

So after that interview, after we recorded it like towards the end of last year October, it was more the end of October, I just thought of having cold showers, because I think I started having it before we had the in 2 weeks I wanted to like talk a little bit about it. And sat down in cold showers and it became a thing and it’s really weird I never thought I would be that person who has cold showers. Now I’m in there for 10 minutes, I wash my hair in cold water, I don’t often have hot showers anymore. And it’s adding an ice bath as well, when I was living in Cape town early this year, and that was quite crazy, I mean I want to explore that further.

That’s really hard actually I’m not going to say even though I’ve been doing the breathing and having cold showers, actually submerging yourself in an ice bath, it really takes your breath away. So you know you’ve really got to find that inner space in yourself when you’re in that place.

Cold shower challenge

So yeah I’d really encourage anyone is listening and I actually just ran it 20 day cold shower challenge on my Facebook groups and that was really cool, and loads of people are taking cold shower now because of that. I mean it boost your immune system you know, especially weirdly in the winter because you just lie on the cusp of having a cold a lot of the time, it must shock your immune system somehow but it boosts your immune system. So your immune system becomes powerful and I mean there is loads of scientific research on what else it does, it’s good for anti-aging as well and it wakes you up.

So I’ll do that in the morning, I come out and I make my bulletproof coffee and yeah it’s just the combination of the 2 is like….

Chloe: Ok, I’m going to try this, I did go through a phase of trying it and then I start to think why am I doing this to myself but you’ve inspired me to.

Jody: Breathing is key, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the breathing technique down just take some deep breaths, regular breath, because the moment you stop as you know you’re like slapping the cold water on you yeah.

Healthy risks

Chloe: Yeah, and I think aside from the immune system stuff, I’ve heard that doing something is a form of healthy risk where you’re doing something a bit challenging, you’re doing something outside of your comfort zone, you’re doing something that’s going to make the rest of your day easier, and gives you the motivation to do other things because you’ve done something so tough.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Jody: That’s what my intention is, you just completely summed up in the most perfect way. That’s my intention this year, how can I inspire people to go out of their comfort zone. And Ok yes, they’re not going to want to jump out of a plane, they’re not necessarily going to… you know you guys listening are not going to want to go to the jungle and do plant medicine, you’re not necessarily going to want to go and you jump out of a plane, but what’s your version of that because like you just said so perfectly, it’s like if we can do one thing every day that sets the tone for the day and it’s like it kind of like pushes us everything else is like easy, yeah.

Chloe: Ok, so get on the cold showers everyone. We’re going to run out of time but I did really want to ask you about Plant medicine because I know that you’ve been… you talk about this in your book. You’ve been open about you know it played an important role in you know your spiritual awakening if you will. Can you speak a little bit about that and your experience with it?

Jody: Totally, so that you guys know, I’m sharing my story and you know you must feel whether it’s right for you to ever go and take it and I hate to say, I have rehearse this so many times, because of spoken about it so many times, you know I’m not taking any responsibility for you guys, feeling inspired and then going having it having an experience in the jungle it’s your experience to have.

Trying Ayahuasca

However, I’m very very cool sharing my story, like it’s important. So yeah, I’m going to be brief because this is a story but you know 8 and a half years ago, I was traveling around South America and a friend told me about plant medicine and I ended up just kind of feeling very guided to just because book a place on this retreat and I was in Peru at the time, I went to this retreat, there was an amazing mix of people doing it with me and I didn’t know why I was doing it, I did no research which is typical me but I jumped into this experience feet 1st and I drank Ayahuasca 7 times in a 12 day period.

Now it’s a powerful psychoactive brew and Chloe knows a lot about this as well but it’s like it’s something that Indigenous people have been using for hundreds of years. And it’s a sacred way of transformation and healing, and it has the ability to open up your subconscious and make you face stuff that you haven’t faced yet in your life.

Struggling with addictions

At the time I was struggling with Bulimia me, like it was really affecting me but I was going in complete denial and I have many other many other addictions going on as well and so I needed this experience, like I needed it but it wasn’t only to heal my addictions it was actually to show me that there was another way of having a career in doing great work in the world that wasn’t selling an ad campaigns to people.

After that experience, it completely changed my life and it took me years to fully understand that. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t complete and didn’t even meditate when I went to the jungle. I went from 0 to like a 100 in 12 days.

It was a complete slap around the face and a radical awakening and I was definitely not the same person when I came out by any means but it took me a few years to understand the experience, and changed my whole life, like no question. And what’s interesting about that is that I drank plant medicine again for the 1st time since I drank it the 1st time 8 and the half years ago now and I drank it last year. From what everyone shares this plant medicine gives you what you need.

Because you’ve just come out of a very powerful and intense experience as well, like it’s intense. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s amazing, it’s so easy, it’s a walk in the park, oh my gosh, all your visions are realized you know.

Chloe: It’s very intense. The jungle is alive in every sense of the experience, it very visceral really.

Ayahuasca experience

Jody: Totally, like the 1st day I arrived in Peru in my experience I was walking along the jungle path, so went don’t move and a poisonous black fairy Caterpillar had landed on the back of my shirt, they had to go over to get like special things to get it off, they said if that would have stung you a bit in you’d probably be in like some kind of crazy shock. So it’s a dangerous place.

Chloe: Yeah, so yeah it’s not easy experience to go through, but listen, I’ve just interviewed one of the world expert on plant medicine, he is a psychologist doctor, who does a lot of research in psychedelics and he’s in the states, and he is tuned into plant medicine experimentation in science and medical studies at the moment. So there’s a lot of studying go on with the plant medicine and with Ayahuasca and with Iboga and other plant medicines that are available, there’s a lot of research going on at the moment and it’s really powerful, there are new laws being passed in the States, there is you know it’s going to be available to us but the thing that we need to understand is that you know it’s a limited resource, plant medicine is a limited resource.

It’s a plant but if people start wanting to do it, a lot of it and it will just be harvested, over harvested just like we’re seeing in the oceans with all the fish at the moment, so it will be over harvested. So what scientists are doing are recreating a synthetic version of it, and using it in scientific studies. So there’s a lot of really interesting research going on at the moment. So that excites me, it excites me to be able to connect with highly intuitive, highly wise shamanic indigenous people, in that way we are very privileged to be able to do that, because you know they don’t need to come and interact with us really. They’ve got a lot of good stuff going on the jungle but they’re coming out to help us to wake up to be more conscious. And I’m so grateful for that movement, it’s really powerful.

And yeah it’s still obviously very underground scene in the UK, and you know yeah it’s an interesting topic of conversation but I yeah I’m excited by it… I’m excited by it because of the ways it can be applied to combating mental health and helping war veterans you know, 30 to 40 war veterans in the States commit suicide every day because they’re not getting the help that they need. The opioids phenomen, there’s a documentary on Netflix right now called the Pharmacist, it’s very very interesting, there’s a huge huge problem in the States at the moment with opioids especially Oxycontin and Xanax and people are hooked on these narcotic painkillers, and they are overdosing left, right and center.

And the statistics of the amount of people, teenagers and young adults overdosing on this drug, I know it’s a legal drug but it’s a drug at the moment which is ridiculous. I don’t know what the statistics are in the UK but it’s crazy and certain kinds of plant medicine can help you get off that level of narcotic especially Iboga which I haven’t worked with, but it’s for me fascinating that these 2 worlds are coming together and with the intention of doing really good work. And I really hope that as a society globally we become conscious enough to allow these plant medicines more into our society. So that it can… they can continue to do the really really good work that they’re intended to do on the planet.

Chloe: Thank you so much for sharing that, it is such a fascinating topic. And yeah just really agree that I hope it becomes more and more available legally in a safe way with therapists. They are doing studies even in London which comes from mushrooms on depression and found they really can shift things to people, but yeah obviously I’m not saying go out and find some mushrooms.

Jody: Plant Medicine has to be administered very carefully. I mean Chloe and I talk about you know for the purposes of scientific research and medical studies.

Chloe: We could talk about extensively, but I’d love to put a wrap up and just ask you to share how people can find out more about you and what you’re working on at the moment and where they can get involved with what you’re doing?

Jody: Thank you so much, yes so my new positive daily habit is expansion. So I’m doing everything I can to adhere to that habit. And the podcast “be electric” is absolutely perfectly designed to support that and give you guys the knowledge to get involved in ways that hack your consciousness and help you expand more on an energetic level without the wo you know. And so the be electric podcast is out now. And I started this kind of thing is going to end up being a movement, it’s called fearless Friday and we started to invest a lot of energy and time into it as a team. So every Friday on the You Tube channel which we’re starting to build up and certainly Instagram, and to my database, every Friday I’m doing something that is sometimes a bit crazy and out there, but sometimes super normal and something that you guys could do, ways to push of a comfort zone.

So how can you be fearless and do things that expand your mind, so this fearless Friday, you can follow me on Instagram at Jody Shields, and you can head to the website Jodyshield.com.uk. And yeah we talked a lot about money in this podcast, so you can sign up to the toolkit for conscious business as I mentioned and you can get into understanding more about how I as a coach and yeah and that’s it. I’ve had such a great time with you today, thank you.

Chloe: Thank you. I feel really inspired, and thank you for everything you have shared.

Jody: You too.

Outro: Thank you so much for listening, I really hope that you gained a lot from this episode. Come on over to Instagram and let me know what are you taking from this episode, find me at Chloebrotheridge, and I would love it if you would leave me a review in the podcast app or on i-Tune, subscribe to the podcast, leave me a rating.

And is there someone in your life that will benefit from this podcast, you can let them know by sharing this podcast, I’ll be so so grateful. so I’m just wishing you a wonderful week ahead, sending you loads of love, hopefully you’ll tune in again, and I’ll see you soon.

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