Ep 71. Sex, anxiety and Confidence with Sarah Rose Bright

Sep 16, 2019 | Anxiety, Blog, Podcast

sex, anxiety and confidence
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Sarah Rose Bright is a leading certified Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach empowering women and couples to discover and express their true sexual nature. A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach, founder of Ignite the Erotic and V-Life she has worked with hundreds of people to ignite their sexuality and live their full potential. sarahrosebright.com

I’ve been wanting to do a sex episode and when I met Sarah I knew she was the perfect person to speak to. Having experienced her own body shame and issues around sex – her journey is inspiring and now she helps others to feel better in their bodies, experience better sex and more intimacy.

We discuss:

-Body shame and how it holds us back in the bedroom (plus simple ways to overcome it)
-The power of ‘shaking’ to change your life 
-How to feel more pleasure in the bedroom
-How to have better sex when you’re anxious or low in confidence 

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