Ep 64. Well-being on a Budget in 9 Steps

Jul 15, 2019 | Anxiety, Blog, Podcast

well-being on a budget
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This week I’m talking about well-being on a budget; because wellness is for everyone. I’m sharing simple, free or low-cost ways to boost your health and wellbeing including:

-The brain tingling phenomena you need to know about

-The next best thing to having therapy

-How to get a lifetime of someone’s wellbeing wisdom in your pocket

-The cheap kitchen items that can help you to relax

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Here are the 9 Steps:

1.Have a daily walk, get out in the  park, join park run. Forest bathing and eco therapy are both really healing.

2.Water – many of us don’t drink enough. Get a refillable water bootle and carry it everywhere.  

3.Exercise at home, you dont need to spend money on outfits you can work out in your pants (yay!), check out Youtube for tonnes of free workouts, Instagram, apps, check out Yoga with Adrienne. I loved the Sweat app by Kayla Itsines, or look into community yoga classes – often only £5.

4.Self help books – brilliant value for money. I have a free workbook with the audiobook version of Brave New Girl (find it on Audible)  get together with friends for a book club or check out the ‘Shelf Help Book Club’. 

5.Youtube ASMR which is calming videos designed to give you head tingles, Youtbube is full of guided meditation, or you can grab a free one by me from www.calmer-you.com/free

6.Massage – Get your partner to give you a massage or give one to yourself. Any oil could work, coconut, olive oil, sesame. Make the movement go up and down on limbs and around and around on joints. Make sweeping movements towards the heart. I love Facial massage and find it so calming, find instruction videos on Youtube. 

7.Sleep – the ultimate wellbeing trick is to get more sleep. Go to be early, it’s the ultimate self care! If I’m feeling rubbish I’ll go to bed super early (like, 8:30pm!) and usually feel better the next day.

8.Cooking from scratch – especially if you are veggie or vegan – it’s easy to splurge loads of money on fancy ‘vegan or veggie’ foods. So instead, stick to whole grains and beans. Farmers markets can be cheaper than supermarkets as it hasn’t been flown in s refrigerated plane across the world and it’s likely to be local and seasonal. I recently discovered batch cooking and I have stuff in the freezer that’s quick and easy to cook instead of a takeaway.

9.Journalling – there’s almost nothing better than putting  pen and paper. Although it’s not a replacement for a therapist, it can be helpful putting feelings into words and ‘brain dumping’ so that you can switch off before bed.

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