Ep 111. Ayurveda and Wellbeing with Jasmine Hemsley

Jun 22, 2020 | Blog, Podcast, Uncategorized

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Jasmine Hemsley is a three-time best-selling author, the Founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West. She’s also a TV presenter with a show broadcasted in over 25 countries. A specialist in Ayurveda, chef, food and health writer, restauranteur and nutrition & wellness expert.

With a passion for eating well to feel happier, healthier and more energised, Jasmine believes in conscious, healthy and joyful living, drawing from the depth of Eastern wisdom, Ayurveda and holistic philosophies of health, and marrying that with the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in Western wellbeing.

We chat about:

  • How to make Ayurveda work for you and your mental wellbeing
  • Jasmine shares about her intriguing and mysterious tongue tingler
  • Why the time of day that you do things is so important


Chloe Brotheridge  

Hello, and welcome to the Calmer You podcast. This is your host, Chloe Brotheridge. I’m a coach, a hypnotherapist, and I’m the author of The Anxiety Solution, and Brave New Girl. This podcast is all about helping you to become your happiest and most confident self.

On today’s podcast

Welcome to this week’s episode. I am chatting with the lovely Jasmine Hensley. Jasmine is just a full of knowledge about all things wellbeing basically. She specialises in helping people with Ayurveda. We get into how to make Ayurveda work for you and your mental well being and the practical things that you can be incorporating into your life.

She shares about her intriguing and mysterious Tongue Tingler and guys. Trust me you want one of these. We also talked about why Ayurveda believes the time of day that you do things is super important for how you feel.


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Let’s just get right into it and chat with Jasmine Hemsley. Hope you enjoy this. Welcome Jasmine. Thanks so much for joining me today. How are you?

Jasmine  I’m very well thank you Chloe. I’m very well. How are you?

Chloe Brotheridge  Yeah, I’m good.I’m slightly melting today. I thought yesterday was supposed to be the hot day but today I feel better.

Jasmine  I was practically naked yesterday it was so hot. I didn’t think we could sleep in our bedroom because our upstairs gets so so hot. But I just got rid of the duvet and took a sheet and that’s quite, a big deal for me. I like the weight of a duvet, but actually I slept really well.

About Jasmine

Chloe Brotheridge  Could you just share a bit about what you do and how you got to where you are today and a bit about Ayurveda? I’m sure everyone does know who you are, but just a bit of your story and what you do.

Jasmine  I’m still finding out who I am. My main work is a well-being expert and a champion of Ayurveda. The ancient philosophy of living from India, and I’m also a restauranteur. I do a lot of consulting and a lot of my work comes through food. That’s how I kind of got into everything I’m doing in well-being more or less.

I’m always sharing wonderful recipes and talking about digestion and eating in the rhythms of life and Ayurveda. Like tuning into the energies etc. It’s a more a holistic way. Food is such a wonderful way into well-being. And, You realise that well-being is about so much more. You have to take the 360 view.

Chloe Brotheridge  I’m really curious about how did you get into well being? Is it something that you were brought up with? Or was it something you discovered through your different experiences?

Food culture growing up

Jasmine  I certainly didn’t know about Ayurveda until much later. I’m a half Filipino and I’ve got an English army dad. I grew up on home cooking. And both my parents worked. It was very busy. We ate home-cooked food. Mostly because it’s what we knew. In the early 80s apart from cereal, there wasn’t that much pre-packaged food. As time went on, it became about the microwave and the ready meals and eateries popping up all over town. You no longer had to pack your lunch anymore. Anyone could just pop out and buy something. Then it is suddenly University and there was no one cooking for me. I had to cook for myself within a budget. Bread fit the budget but it didn’t suit my bowels at all.

Then I went on to studying financial products and Science at university. And then modelling full time for the next 10-12 years. Modelling makes you become very aware of your skin, your mood, your energy levels, your figure.

Discovering Ayurveda

I’ve been cooking since nine years old so I kind of connected the dots between home cooking and easy to digest food. Food that’s not necessarily touted as healthy kind of feels better in my body. And that just got me onto a whole load of research. Ayurveda popped up a couple of times in those early years. Ayurveda answered a couple of questions that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I still thought Ayurveda was an ancient philosophy. I didn’t really understand half the words they’re using. It seemed very esoteric at the time and I didn’t know anybody else talking about it.

Then as yoga came onto the scene and I thought oh, I like yoga, and also meditation. It lead me to a different perspective on looking at life.


I’m a Vata Pitta type in Ayurveda. This type of person can be in their head, overly creative and prone to anxiety and worrying. The Pitta side of this hot headed, wanting to get in there and do it and do it well etc.

I can be quite up there and out there and I need the Ayurveda Kapha dosha to concentrate on more grounding elements, things that kind of bring me back down to earth.

My interest in yoga went from kind of the hard core to the really sitting with yourself yoga that’s quite tough in a totally different way. That’s kind of been my roundabout journey where food has been such a part of it. That opened up the idea that it’s not just what you eat, it’s is when and how you eat.

Bringing balance back to your life

It’s also about how you start your day and how you wind down to get your night’s sleep. Everything’s interconnected and interlinked. That might make it sound more complicated, but actually, I find it makes it more intuitive and romantic. Ayurveda as a system of health gives you so many tools. You can’t control everything especially outside of yourself. The only constant is change.

What you need to do is learn to surf it and ride it and use wisdom and tools like Ayurveda to bring balance back for yourself.

Chloe Brotheridge  I have a kind of a whole holistic approach to health with all these different factors coming in.

The science of life

Jasmine  It loosely translates as the science of life or the knowledge of life. The manual to know nature. We live in this natural world and we are nature. The environment affects us, the people we hang out with affects us. We grew up with these kinds of sayings, a gut feeling or I didn’t like the energy in the room or I loved her energy.

Energy and vibrations

Everything is this vibration, everything is sound, and you can’t destroy it. You want to harness it and make it work for you. That’s Ayurveda says waking, working, exercising, eating and sleeping at a certain time of day can be beneficial if the environment supports that.

Chloe Brotheridge  Can you give an example of that?

Best time of day to wake-up


According to Ayurveda the best time of day to wake up is just before sunrise. I think the earliest I’ve woken up so far this year is five and it was already bright, and the birds are singing. These are the time when the energy and the sun is coming in. It’s a new day dawning. That’s why the cockerel crows. That’s why the animals are up unless they’re nocturnal animals. They are cashing in on that rise of energy.

You’ll find a lot of people, meditators, holy people and writers find that time of day incredible. It’s a brilliant time to meditate. And hopefully, that is before the kids wake up before your other half maybe wakes up or he or she is doing their own thing and before the emails and headlines come in. Ayurveda introduced this to me.

Morning time

Imagine waking up naturally satisfied, you’ve had the right amount of sleep, you’ve got hours until you’re needed and you can just potter and be with yourself. It’s the most connected to ourselves we can be before the energies of the day affect us.

Then you’re just better equipped to decide what energy comes into your life and what energy you want to leave your life. If you just wake up with a rush and alarm, the stress levels are up and you’re off. So many reasons for waking up early. Ayurveda helps inform if this is best for you.

Starting the day right

Cashing in on that time of day is is wonderful for creativity, for centering, for grounding, for meditation for doing a morning routine that sets you up whatever that routine is. For me, it’s showering and then a bit of yoga just to feel a bit of connection to myself. Iit might be some writing, it’s probably the time when I can be a bit more proactive about my day rather than reactive to emails because nobody’s on the email yet, hopefully.

Writing in the morning

I can write down what am I thinking. What I want to achieve in this day and get done this week. Or what do I want in the long term, rather than wake up, hit the emails and you’re totally distracted by whatever other news has come in. Ayurveda helps to be mindful with how you want to feel.

The end of the day

Many of us backload the end of the day. We eat our heaviest meal at the end of the day. Some people claim to do some of their best work at the end of the day because it’s the first time we’ve got time to ourselves. We also exercise at the end of the day, which is when your body is trying to wind down for a nice sleep, you’re taking it back up again. So you might fall asleep exhausted into bed, but the mind is still on. You know the energy is still kind of in the body and that’s why we get these interrupted night’s sleep.

Chloe Brotheridge  I’m feeling like I’m gonna try and get up at 5am

Jasmine  Eight hours. That’s a really nice sleep. Most people get six. So if you go to bed at nine, and you can get up at five you go to bed at 10 you get up at six I’m roughly the 10 10:10pm bedtime 6am wake up. But the other trick is if you had to go to bed late for whatever reason, you couldn’t fall asleep and you wake up at five 6am meditation. They said 20 minutes of meditation is like three hours of rest. So if you can meditate, that’s an active form of rest. You are going to make up for the sleep and be processing out that stuff that you just no longer need

I can’t always stick to that schedule. For example, I was teaching a workshop last night at 8pm because it was in the US, which was noon there. I finished that and nine and took the dogs out for a walk, watered my garden and then I didn’t get to bed until 11pm. I can use meditation the next morning to catch up a bit.

Being a morning person

Chloe Brotheridge  It sounds good to me. I’m thinking because I’m actually naturally not a morning person. I don’t think there is such a thing as a natural morning person. But for me getting up at five is not an impossible idea. But if I think about, for example, my sister who is quite the opposite, she’ll happily work all night. I could never work past 7pm. By then I’m done with the day. But she gets her energy at like 11pm at night when she’s most creative. Yes. And for her or someone like that, who’s more of a night owl the idea of getting up early is hard.

Elements of Ayurveda

Jasmine  There are studies that talk about the lark, which is the early morning riser and the night owl, and which one has the most energy in the day. Ah, from an Ayurvedic perspective, it’s about the elements for each person. If you’ve got space, air, fire, water, those five elements make up everything they make up you Chloe, they make up me. You and I would have roughly the same ratio of those five elements compared to a tree or a table or a bowl of cornflakes.

The doshas

Ayurveda says that between us however there would be a difference in the ratios of the of those elements. We divide those five elements into three doshas. So people might have heard of that Vata, Pitta Kapha. I’m more Vata Pita with a bit of Kapha and therefore I need to bring more Kapha lifestyle choices and foods into my life. It’s the opposites that bring balance. If I’m a Vata, Pitta and I drink too much coffee, watch too much TV, listen to hectic music, I’m going to become wired, anxious, irritable.

I’m grounded if I listen to soothing sounds. A very Catholic person who’s very grounded and loving down to earth and laid back, I could do with the occasional coffee, some kind of hectic music to get me going. You can see how opposites work there. Now, because the Kapha time of day is the same time of day for everybody the better time of days in terms of everybody and the Vatta because that’s just the rhythm that’s the sun and the moon. Ayurveda helps.

We have them Vata, Pitta Kapha into effect twice in the 24 hour clock. And if we look at the evening 6pm is when Kapha the grounding dosha comes in 6pm till 10pm.

I would suggest to anyone, just try Ayurveda just to see how it is for you. It’s obviously not going to be such a smooth transition. Maybe just try bringing bedtime earlier bringing dinner earlier, making dinner lighter.

If you can’t sleep, just winding down in bed, I’ve got tonnes of techniques for that. Some people can make that change instantly and some people need to do it slowly increment by increment.


Chloe Brotheridge  Can you tell what the humming is? What do you mean?

Jasmine  Behind me I’ve got some singing bowls. We are all vibration, we can have vibrations that make us feel like we’re in homeostasis and balance. We can also have vibrations that don’t feel nice in the body for example a car screeching you know, a mile away or whatever. If I can pick that up, it’s going to create this tension in my body, even though it’s physically not touching me, you know? Or if you hear your nails down a blackboard, all those things that make us go, oh, even if it’s not you doing it. The honk of a horn is so disruptive. Sounds and vibrations can either resonate or create dissonance in the body.

Crystal bowls

These are crystal gemstone precious metal bowls. And they’ve got different properties to them. It’s the sound of nature, so it’s very soothing. Some will be more soothing for you than others, just because of which chakra they’re working on. Soothing tones are super important. That’s why we have lullabies for babies. That’s why we say when we rock a baby, the fact of the sound of the ocean can have an effect on the body.

I did humming last night after watering the garden. It was about 11:30pm. I’m lying in bed my brain is still working from the workshop. What I do is I lie in bed and I start to hum. It looks like this. Hhhmmm. That’s the first one right because I’m still jaggedy in the mind, my breaths all caught up. Second one feels a bit better. So on and so

Humming creates space between you and your thoughts.

You can feel that vibration in your head and it really helps to kind of create space between you and your thoughts. You know, that’s what meditation is. It’s creating space and awareness about our thoughts. It’s remembering that we are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are just a toolkit to help us to understand what’s going on in life. If we believe we are our thoughts, we’re going to get caught up in every negative thought or every overly positive thought and not see reality. They’re not us. Humming kind of gives us space. Just hearing the humming in my head I can get some great support from that. That and Ayurveda support me a lot.

The vagus nerve

Chloe Brotheridge I hope people are going to try this. I also heard once that humming vibrates the vagus nerve.

Jasmine Yes, that’s part of what helps you to relax.

Humming, you can feel the physicality of it. When you think it or feel it, you think it would be much more subtle or it wouldn’t work, it works even more powerfully. That’s how we realise that the mind is so powerful and how and our intentions are so powerful.

Practicing in your mind

There was a study where they trained the two basketball teams. One trained physically, and the other trained mentally. A similar study was also done with playing the piano. The results are astonishing. The pianists we’re taught to imagine it and the basketball players trained using their mind. The ones training in their mind were as good if not better than those physically doing it.

You can see now that just the intention of I am fine, I am safe, I’m gonna hum, I’m gonna remember that. Hum. You know, this could just be words in your head, because you’re sleeping next to someone you don’t wanna wake somebody up. They’re very, very effective. They might not be immediate, but the more your body feels safer and trusts those words, the more they’ll work.


Chloe Brotheridge   I’m so glad you mentioned that that study. In addition to Ayurveda, you mentioned Qigong earlier.

Jasmine  I’ve been doing Qigong for last couple of years. Sometimes I don’t do it physically, I just do it in my mind, and I’m doing the movements. I’m convinced it’s helped my immune system. I haven’t had a cough or a cold since I started doing it. I’m about to do Vedic meditation. We’re taught something called rounding. It’s a yoga series. We start off kind of massaging the body in the head. Then we do what looks like rolie polie Yoga. It’s very soft. It’s kind of just rolling around. This really calms the nervous system.


We could do that before we have a meditation. If you can’t do it, because say you’re on the bus going to work, you can think it and feel it. And by the way, meditation doesn’t take you out of this world. It makes you present in reality. You are so centred and so aware of what’s going on around us. If you’re in the past, and you’re just stuck in all that baggage, it’s nice to meditate. Sometimes when those past memories come up, those ones that you kind of cringe, curl your toes out, don’t get angry, let them come up. Be aware of them, notice them, acknowledge them and then let them move away. No longer needed. I see and hear you. The mind is super powerful. And if we get to learn how to use the mind, wow, we’ve got the most incredible tool. If the mind is controlling us, it ain’t fun.

Chloe Brotheridge  What would you say for someone who’s struggling with anxiety right now? Are there certain Ayurveda tips that you would recommend for somebody?

Anxiety and Ayurveda

Jasmine  When we are in our head we call it the mind even though the mind is actually something that’s in the whole body. We think of it as in our head because we can feel our brain hurting. We can feel and see the images behind our eyes when we shut our eyes at night. In Ayurveda we call it the Vata dosha. Because it’s it’s in the mind, it’s the stimulus. It’s the air moving around so we want to do the opposite.

So we talked about Ayurveda Pitta being the warmth and down to earth. So keeping yourself warm when you’re feeling anxious is really important. If you go out in a cold windy day when your anxious you’re just tightening up the nerves further irritating yourself.


If we want to have warmth, think about how you see a baby, that’s what you want to do to yourself. We also want to ground down so keeping yourself warm and sitting on the floor, very good. Listening to chanting because of the sounds. Ayurveda helps identify what works for each individual.

Meditation, and it’s also part of human nature. Meditation has been in use for thousands and thousands of years. So that means the human mind was also going out of control back then. That’s why everything that you’ll see now in self-care is about going back to the self. Filling up your own cup. You cannot help others until your cup is filled. If you pour all your energy into outward projects, it’s almost like you’re trying to gain love by helping others because you get a reward from people. Oh, she’s so nice. She did this and she helped me and she dropped everything to do that.


All amazing. But if you’re not feeding yourself too, you’re literally looking for other people to give you approval and to give you love, and that is where it’s all going to go wrong because then we are relying on external validation. We’re just setting ourselves up for failure.

The minute we start taking care of ourselves, so when we’re anxious, we have to kind of take a breath and go right where am I? Okay, I am safe right now or this is a challenge but that’s okay. Find my calm, come back to the centre. I can do this. I’m equipped. The human is super creative. You just get into that calm space. Maybe think of somebody that you find very calming in your life and ask what would they do. See yourself as an actor in your life.

Create a rhythm in your life

Give yourself the advice you’d give a close friend. Drinking warm drinks, eating warm food. This is very grounding. Some soups and stews. Eating at the right times of the day. You want to have a lovely rhythm. Don’t hold on to that rhythm tightly and create anxiety around that. An Ayurveda approach.

I cannot stress how important meditation is for the anxious mind. You immediately transcend the mind and come back to you. That’s what the meditation is for. Also remember how transient life can be. Can you even remember what caused upset in the past?

If a family member fell over and an another family member was there, and they were in control, I will probably be the one freaking out. But if I was the other family member, I’d say Okay, calm down everybody, let’s do this. Does that make sense?

Yin Yang

There is life, there is death, there was joy, there is suffering, there is love and there is hatred. In Chinese medicine, you call it Yin Yang. You can’t have one without the other. If we were all wrapped up in cotton, wool and coddled, and given everything that we ever wanted, we feel ill, we’d literally feel ill because we’d been numb to it. That would not be enough, we’d want the next level and then the next level.

The challenges are what gives us an opportunity to get to know ourselves. To be there for ourselves and therefore be there for other people in the wider society.

We can rise to the challenge

Chloe Brotheridge  Thank you for saying that. Oh, my gosh, that’s really struck a chord in me what you said about how when there is a challenge, we often do rise to the challenge. They’ve done studies into people with anxiety and found that something like 85% of the time the things that we worry about end up having positive outcomes. Or we end up handling it better than we thought we would. Yeah. I’m hearing from lots of people now with their Coronavirus situation that people are quite anxious. I’m actually surprised that they’re dealing with it so well.


Jasmine  Ayurveda and in life, it’s about the balance. So if you are very in your head and suffering from anxiety and worry, take a break from the TV and the screens. Also take a break from hit workouts and intense music. Call up a friend to get into a more grounded position. Watch the TV programmes that are a little bit more soothing or listen to podcasts or music and just bring it down a level. It doesn’t mean you stay there the whole time or that you change your personality. You bring balance to your personality. You’ll feel lighter.

Chloe Brotheridge  Slightly changing the topic from the study and Ayurveda. But I wanted to hear more about the tongue scraping. I am a convert, you can explain.

Tongue scraping

Jasmine  This is the first Vedic physical tool I brought into my life, when I learned to meditate over 10 years ago with my meditation teacher Gary Gorrow. We’re in Sydney in Australia and he pulls out this contraption. It’s just a very simple device that you pass down your tongue first thing in the morning and this coating comes off. Right? I’m into the tongue now. I see people in the day walk around with this yellow coating on their tongue.

You can imagine what a healthy tongue looks like. Pink and healthy like a child. Not too swollen, not too thin. Every single tongue is unique but in general, there is a quality about it. Overnight when the body is restoring it’s getting rid of the stuff that’s not not needed anymore. As a result there’s a toxic metabolic waste, both emotionally and physically. That waste looks like we and poo and sweats and snots. There’s mucus on your tongue.

Oral health

The reason we wake up in the morning having brushed and flossed our teeth after our last meal, that we have bad breath. It’s why we need to shower. We brush our teeth, clean between our teeth, but we don’t pull out what’s on the tongue. The tongue is massive, right? Do it first thing in the morning.

If I’ve been drinking alcohol or had some very rich food and I ate late, there’s a different kind of substance on my tongue. If I’m sick, it’s different again. You know, when I’m stressed and rundown, I’ll get a tiny little spot. I can see a little bit of blood there. If I’m angry or something is wrong with my liver, maybe there’s like a red tip. If I’m, you know, inflamed, my tongue will be scalloped. You’ll see the teeth marks where the tongue has tried to fit into your mouth. Super interesting.

Do what you know supports you

You don’t need to know what everything means. You just need to give yourself a bit of love and self-care. Bringing this together with Ayurveda, I’m going to start getting ready for bed at nine tonight and drink a nice glass of hot water to kind of rehydrate and flush through this armour, this metabolic waste. Have a light supper of soup tonight. Those are the things we can immediately do.

I highly recommend the tongue scraper. it removes 80-90% of the bacteria that cause bad breath. Nick and I would rather forget our toothbrush than forget to do this. Dentists have tongue scrapers. They’re usually plastic and I don’t find them as effective. Mine is a natural metal of copper and is antibacterial.

Covid guilt

Chloe: I’m a convert. Is there anything that you are struggling with at the moment? How are you handling it?

Jasmine  I’ve got two things. I’ve got guilt. At this time, I’m seeing the haves and have nots. There are people who are bored or who are trying to take care of a number of children in a small space. I’m actually having quite an ideal situation. I have to admit this lockdown actually suits me. I am not running from meeting to meeting. It’s summer which is so good for me because I need the warm and the daylight. I find it very good on my mood.

I’ve been able to grow and watch my garden come to life. I’ve got my dogs which take me to the park. But I know for other people it’s very challenging. One of my friends sons is loving it because he loves to do his schoolwork and he doesn’t have the interruptions. For others, they are finding it hard. So the guilt with that is something that I had to kind of work with.

Not hiding if you’re thriving

I’ve come to this place of, you know what, it’s not about hiding that you are thriving. It’s about if you are thriving, do your meditation. Be there for other people and share that love and that light.

The unknown

The second thing that I am feeling as well as this this the unknown. What is life going to be like after this? How is it going to impact the hospitality industry? This has wiped out thousands and thousands of jobs.

I’m also seeing some very positive things like farms being connected directly to the customer. Smallholdings and farms are able to communicate their message much more directly to the consumer. Whereas before we just go to the supermarket or we just go into a thing and press whatever’s on the menu and get that. So there is something lovely happening there. But obviously, it’s going to be a massive upheaval, and it already has been for a lot of people.

What can I do to help?

What can I do to help? So? Yeah, those are the two things that I struggle but they’re also as we’ve talked about earlier, that is where you, you step up and you rise up to the challenge.

Chloe Brotheridge  Yeah, thank you so much for sharing that. I think a lot of people relate to the guilt. It’s important to acknowledge that people are in different situations and having different experiences. I’m really hoping that we can rebuild the world better than it is now.

Covid changes

Jasmine  it’s made us think about food shortages or toilet paper running out. It was a massive eye-opener that this is happening around the world on a daily basis. In comparison, someone else you’ve got less than to compare someone else you’ve got more, it’s always going to be like that. Unless you’re at the very top of the chain or the very bottom of the chain. There’s always someone that has less, and there’s always someone that has more. So gratitude for what you have. Compassion for wanting to share with others. That’s, that’s where we need to live.

Chloe Brotheridge  Such a good thing to think about. Oh, thank you so much for everything that you shared.

Jasmine  It’s lovely talking to you. I hope that was helpful.

Chloe Brotheridge  Thank you so much. Yeah. And where can people find out more about you and what projects you’re working on at the moment?

Where you can find Jasmine

Jasmine  I’m on at Jasmine Hemsley, I’m mostly on Instagram. I do post to Facebook by Nima. Check it out. I share recipds and I do newsletter once a week where I share what’s inspiring me and usually a recipe. I’m trying to show that Ayurveda is very common and in the same place as yoga. If you’re not into yoga, you might think Ayurveda. It’s such a vast wealth of knowledge that even using one tip or one idea is going to ease life for you. It’s taking life and health as the whole package, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I play sound baths now and again. You can find them on my Igtv and I do a workshop called Wellness Wednesday where I speak to friends or acquaintances like yourself. On Sunday Slow is where I usually talk about meditation and the spiritual stuff. Just short, fun and enjoyable ways of utilising this technology to reach more people and more like-minded people and to share.

Chloe Brotheridge  Thank you so much.

Jasmine  Chloe, It’s been amazing. I have had a lovely time. I really enjoy sharing about Ayurveda.


Chloe Brotheridge  You have been listening to the Calmer You podcast with me Chloe Brotheridge. Don’t forget you can download loads of freebies for anxiety and confidence at my website Calmer-you.com. You can also find out about my app and my one on one sessions.

Please do subscribe to this podcast in the Apple podcast app. If you have enjoyed it or found it helpful, please leave me a review. It makes a massive difference to help the podcast get discovered by other people. Come on over and find me on Instagram. I’m hanging out there every day. Let me know what you thought of this episode, and please share it with anyone who might need to hear this today. So I’m sending you lots of love and I hope you have a brilliant week ahead

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