Confidence webinar

Yay! You’re in for the confidence workshop and group hypnotherapy session – I’m so excited you’ll be joining and I can’t wait to help you to become your most confident self.

Step 1: The first step is to join our Facebook Group. It’s a private group so everything you post is totally confidential. Together we’re supporting each other and inspiring each other to be our best selves.

Step 2: Make sure is whitelisted in your email inbox as emails can sometimes go into the promotions folder.

Step 3: Schedule in 2nd March at 7:30pm GMT for an hour and a half to join me live for the workshop; there will also be a replay available for one week afterwards. You can join the workshop by simply clicking this link at 7:30pm on 2nd March.

Step 4: This is way more fun when you do it with a friend (plus we’re way more likely to stick to something when doing it with a pal!)

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Love Chloe x