Confidence Building 101: Confidence as a Superpower & How to Build It

Jul 5, 2021 | Anxiety, Blog

confidence building
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How can we build confidence? And why is confidence building so important?

I read this quote recently and it hit home; ”Lack of confidence kills more dreams than lack of ability’‘ – James Clear

What is the one thing that can stop you from going after your goals?


And a lack of confidence is a dream killer.

Building your confidence is the number one thing you need for a successful life.

Below I’m sharing 7 reasons why confidence is a superpower and how you can build it.

confidence building

Confidence is an enabler

Confidence has the power to let us do things that we would never have dreamed of doing before. It can help us get jobs, make friends, and go on dates and say yes to opportunities – all due to the power of this one feeling! It means you get out of your own way (yes, you really are your own worst energy!) and allows you to move forward.

Confidence builder: Ask yourself; what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

Confidence is a skill we can develop

It may be a superpower but it’s available for all! Confidence isn’t some kind of magic superpower that we’re endowed with at birth – it’s something that we develop over time. We have to choose to be confident every day, and sometimes there will be days when we need more time to feel comfortable doing new things or stuff that is out of our comfort zone.

Confidence building tip: Remember that confidence is something that can improve and you’ll likely be inspired to continue working towards it.

Taking risks

Confidence is worthing building because it helps you take risks and try new things, which can lead to success. The benefit of taking risks is that you will expand your comfort zone, which in turn leads to more opportunities and as a result, higher confidence. Confidence allows us to say yes, even when we’re scared. Being able to stand up for yourself or ask someone in your industry to meet you for a coffee are both examples where you have to take a risk. It can feel scary – but once you’ve done it, you’ll be filled with a sense of possibility and inner strength.

Confidence building tip: What is one tiny risk you could take today?

taking risks

Taking action

Self-belief leads to action. A confident person is good at taking action because they know that they can do it. Without action, there can be no success. They don’t fall into the trap of overthinking things, which leads to negative feelings and analysis paralysis! Ruminating is a sure-fire way to spin your wheels and stay stuck in the mud of inaction. No amount of overthinking can make up for taking action. You’ll learn more, fail fast and figure out what works best when you take action.

Confidence building tip: Break your steps down into teeny-tiny ones and make a pledge to yourself to take one small step forwards today. You’ve got this.

Others believe in you

Confidence is a superpower because it makes people believe in your ideas which can lead to success. Confidence is contagious.

If other people like your ideas and think they’re good, then they’ll be willing to help out when you need them. Getting practical help, mentoring, financial help or just encouragement is more likely to come from others when you believe in yourself first. If others believe in you, they might even introduce you to new opportunities that they know about or recommend you to people.

Confidence building tip: Pre-visualise events going well. Imagine yourself showing up with confidence, speaking easily and freely and holding yourself with pride. Your imagination is powerful, and you can programme your unconscious for confidence this way.

You give things a try

Confidence is a superpower because without it, we would never be able to achieve our goals or live our dreams. Think about it; if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t even try. If you don’t try, you’re guaranteed to fail as the saying goes. This isn’t about doing things perfectly or never making mistakes, oh no. But having the confidence to try and make mistakes means you learn and grow along the way. It is from experience where confidence comes from, and when you’re bold enough to try, your confidence is sure to increase.

Confidence building tip: Instead of waiting for perfection, or when you’re ready, affirm to yourself, ‘I focus on progress over perfection’.

confidence is attractive

Confidence is attractive

The survey results are in, and its unanimous. Confidence is sexy.

Confidence is a superpower because it makes you more attractive to others. Think of yourself as an energy magnet; you’re either attracting your goals to you or repelling them away. Confidence makes you shine. When you love yourself, other people pick up on it, and it makes them like you too. Confident people have a magnetism that draws others to them instead of repelling them.

Confidence building tip: To harness this, make a note of all the compliments and good feedback you’ve been given over the years and remind yourself of them often.

You handle criticism better

Confidence is a superpower because it helps you accept your imperfections and when you do this, you become more self-aware which in turn lets you handle criticism better.

Self-awareness means that when someone criticises or points out areas where you can improve, you are more likely to listen and take it on board because the criticisms don’t throw your confidence off. You’re able to accept them with open arms because they don’t worry you and, in fact, give you a kick to improve and be your best self!

Confidence building tip: Criticism is just useful information you can use to help you to get better. What are 3 things you can learn from a recent piece of criticism?

With all of these benefits of having confidence as your superpower, there’s no reason not to start building your confidence today. It’s a skill you can develop and with a bit of attention in this direction, you can grow your confidence.

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