Brave New You questions and answers

What if I’m having technical problems such as problems logging in or getting the emails?

Please contact me and I will help you out

What do I do with the hypnotherapy or meditation audio recordings?

This is an closed-eye process that will help you to reprogramme old subconscious beliefs so that you feel calmer, safer and more confident. This is a vital part of the course and a key component that I use successfully with my 121 clients.

Listen with eyes closed and headphones when you won’t be disturbed for around half an hour. Do not listen while driving or when you need to maintain concentration. You should listen to this every day or a few times a week, either at bedtime or during the daytime (not both). A mixture of daytime and bedtime listening will get you the best results.

What do I do if I have a question?

Send me an email to and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. If you have any complaints, please email me.

What is the refund policy?

I want to help you and I’m confident that if you follow the programme that it will enable you to help yourself. So I offer a guarantee that if you follow the programme you will find it useful. If after 14 days, having followed the programme and listened to the recordings and been involved in the Facebook group, you do not feel you have benefited from it, I will refund your investment in full. Because I really want you to have done your best first before quitting the programme, I ask that you send me proof that you have done the exercises by letting me know what you did for each activity. I’ll also ask for feedback on how I could improve the course. Please note I do not offer a change of mind refund.

This guarantee is valid from 14 days after you purchased the course.

What if I’m too busy to follow the activities?

You will have access to the course forever so if you’re going through a busy period right now or just want to take your time to go through the course, you can do it in your own time. You’ll be developing a ‘toolbox’ of knowledge, techniques and strategies that will help, which you can use as and when you need to. If you only do two things in the programme, watch the workshop recordings and listen to the hypnotherapy recordings.