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May 31, 2016 | Anxiety, Blog

anxiety tips
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maybesHere, I’ve put together some top anxiety tips from members of the Calmer You community.

What else would you add? Let us know your top anxiety tips in the comments 🙂

“A tip that I found really useful is to imagine your anxiety is excitement. Remember when you were really small and you got told you were going on holiday you would jump up and down and breathe faster and maybe get butterflies in your stomach. If you watch an excited child you will see what I mean. Anxiety is just a surge of adrenaline just like excitement is so it is the same thing.” | Kirsty

“If you suffer with panic attacks, have a phrase or mantra planned to say to yourself when one is coming on. I find it useful to think “you are not about to die, anxiety is a natural response”. Also practice your calm breathing ready for anxiety attacks. Be kind to yourself at all times, you are not defined by your anxiety” | Emma

“Prayer is the bridge between panic and peace.”
Even if you don’t believe in prayer it helps to just say it over and over. Just breathe.” | Sharon

Chloe Brotheridge 109

“Have faith in yourself and God to get you through, take a walk, get outside and enjoy nature, breathe and notice anything you’re thankful for! Drink a warm cup of tea and really enjoy it! Find things you enjoy and do them more! Colour, paint, write, express yourself! Meditate, try yoga, eat better, give yourself credit for progress and understanding for setbacks, realize your human!” | Jade

“Yoga, breathing, running. Imagining a plan B where you run off to India for a few years. Not drinking alcohol (sadly). CBT tools like ‘examining the evidence to see if the threat is real’ also pretty good.’ | Nicentidy

“A combination of things, from the right job, talking to people who understand, no alcohol, CBT and understanding what is going on, why certain things happen in your body, what triggers you, and a lot of acceptance! | Jade


Watching an episode of the Moomins. I know it’s weird but there’s something very therapeutic about it. | Simon

I’ve found Acupuncture helpful in the past. Also distraction can be a useful technique when it feels unbearable. | Chloe

Your thoughts are not facts. Plus, meditation to soothe the mind, body, and soul. | Mark

Going on a long long walk, or exercising. Sometimes I just have to walk for miles before I start feeling calmer. And definitely being aware of your inner voice and thoughts, when you notice a negative one popping in, try and stop it and correct it asap! | Louise

Realizing that anxiety is not who you are but has a meaning for you. Don’t identify with a diagnosis and ask yourself what is anxiety trying to tell you. Don’t battle it. Connect with people who mean a lot to you even if you cant feel it at the moment. Find a good therapist. Travel, change your environment.mindfulness meditation. Start developing a relationship with yourself. | Anastasia 

I am reading this book written by – so far very helpful | Georgina

1. Picture what is the worst that could happen. 2. Estimate how unlikely it is. 3. Concentrate on what’s under your control. | Mark

Deep breathing. In through nose count to 4. Hold for 7. Exhale for 7. Repeat until calm feeling | Alison.

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  1. Chery Doherty

    I’ve been following The Hay House Summit. I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks of reading positive affirmations several times daily has helped me hugely. I haven’t experienced any anxiety during this period. Pretty amazing… I’ve found something that works for me! X

    • Chloe B

      Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Cheryl x

  2. Sam

    I sometimes play a puzzle game on my phone to take my mind off things.

    • Chloe B

      Great – distraction can be a good thing 🙂


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