Calm-Me Berry Protein Smoothie

Aug 24, 2014 | Blog, Recipes

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I think I’ve discovered the worlds most nutritious, delicious breakfast.

Every one knows that a healthy body = a healthy mind and I know I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I felt when I switched up my diet to make it super healthy.

I find a smoothie first thing is a great opportunity to get  some quick and easy protein in – PLUS it’s a chance to add in some ‘magical’ nutritional boosters really easily.

If you’re energising your body in the right way, you’re also less likely to need to rely on stimulants that can make you more anxious or stressed, like caffeine, to keep you going during the day.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more nutrient packed breakfast.

And for me, it’s GOT to taste good too, or I just won’t bother.

You’ll need a blender. I’ve found even a hand blender can work but make sure it’s a fairly sturdy one since ice or frozen berries can obviously be quite hard.

Many of the ingredients are optional but I add them in to get the maximum nutrition and super foods in at one time.

– Milk. I use almond milk but you could try cows/goats/soya/rice etc. A dairy free milk is usually the best choice since animal milk can cause inflammation and can contain animal hormones and antibiotics.

– A heaped scoop of protein powder. I use Pulsin’s Pea Protein but you could try Whey, soya or even Hemp (I find Hemp too ‘earthy’, although it is the Holy Grail of healthy protein powders due to it’s Omega 3 fat content)

– A handful of fresh or frozen berries. Add ice if you want it extra cold.

– A few drop of liquid Stevia such as NuNaturals.

– Optional super-foods

: A tablespoon of raw cacao or carob

: Maca – a superfood that balanced hormones

: A teaspoon of coconut oil. Very healing for the gut. A healthy gut = a healthy mind

: A teaspoon of bee pollen. This boosts immunity and energy levels

: A tablespoon of green powder. Could be wheatgrass, spirulina etc. Full of healthy nutrients.

: Vitamin D drops. most of us in the UK lack vitamin D, it’s essential for so many things.

: Ground flaxseeds. A source of Omega 3 fatty acids and can help women to eliminate excess                     oestrogens in the body

Blend it all together and enjoy immediately.

By Chloe Brotheridge

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