Bend don't break

You can feel stronger, calmer and more resilient, even in a crisis, because you can learn how to bend, not break and become your most resilient and capable self.

Uncertainty and anxiety is at an all-time high

👉 Right now, it’s hard to focus; you’re distracted with worries about the future or you compulsively check the news to see what’s happening.

👉 You’re feeling out of control (and you HATE being out of control) and your anxiety has kicked into a higher gear, your stomach churning, a tight feeling in your chest.

👉 You’re even beating yourself up about how you’re feeling, telling yourself you ’should’ be handling things better even though you’re struggling.

👉 You’re overwhelmed with all the change, it feels as though you’ve had the rug pulled from under you and you just don’t feel safe.

👉 Other times, you just feel sad, wondering how you and others will bounce back from this.

From fears about our incomes to isolation, work stress and health worries – the world is full of challenges right now that are leaving us fearful, overwhelmed and anxious.

We can’t eliminate the stresses of the world. We can learn tools to help us to adapt, be flexible and feel capable in the face of challenges – but not break.

In this short online course, I give you the tools to feel calmer and more resilient, no matter what's going on around you.

It's time to breathe a sigh of relief, have that weight lifted off your shoulders and truly know that no matter what, you’ll handle it.

You have resources, abilities, confidence and strengths within you already - you just need to tap into them

Following this course, you will:

  • Feel more empowered and in control. You respond rather than react - and there's an expansive feeling of confidence in your chest
  • Finally, get back in your flow. Learn to trust yourself and your ability to handle anything that comes your way - so that you feel at ease and can focus and concentrate on what you need to get done.
  • Be able to embrace change and uncertainty, so that you can enjoy the good moments of your life; staying present with your family or partner (or yourself) at dinner, being mindful as you walk in the park or being able to totally switch off from the world when you want to.
  • Develop an inner sense of knowing you are good enough, despite what's going on around you. You're kind to yourself, even if things don't go to plan.
  • Train your mind to be more positive and to trust that things are working out. Your mind expects the best and you're focusing on things to look forward to. You feel excitement in your body, instead of anxiety.

Here's what you'll get...

Young beautiful businesswoman with curly hair and piercing wearing elegant jacket Strong person showing arm muscle, confident and proud of power

A 45-minute video workshop packed with tools  

  • My 3 instant tools to calm your nervous system fast
  • How to process your feelings so that you feel stronger and more resilient
  • The secret to managing negative news stories so that you’re informed but not overwhelmed.
  • Plus LOTS more

A powerful hypnotherapy Mp3  

Hypnotherapy can feel like magic; it's the best way I know of making fast, long lasting changes.

Designed to reprogramme your mind to help you to feel strong, resilient, calm and capable.

Hypnotherapy is safe and incredibly relaxing; it allows us to get into a deep and receptive state to reprogram the unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours that hold you back.

A printable worksheet to guide you through the insightful tools and practices.  

Shift your perspective and change your mindset with these science-backed practices. Train your mind to be more positive, to trust in yourself and your abilities and be more calm and focused.

An affirmation Mp3 to create positive thought patterns about yourself and the world.  

You can change your thoughts and shift your perspective. Start creating new neural pathways so that positive, empowering thoughts become your new normal.

An EFT (emotional freedom technique) video session to help you to shift fear and overwhelm.

This technique is like emotional acupressure, it blitzes negative feelings and patterns, leaving your feeling calm and like you take take on anything.

What others have said about the course

Chloe has helped me gain a more thorough understanding of why I feel anxious and how to control it! This course has enabled me to take control of my anxiety through different tools and techniques which you can do day today. I was so surprised at how quickly this course has helped me but I can't fault it. Her step by step approach and her calming meditations are something that I can take away to hopefully leading a more happy and positive life. - Fiona 

Hi Chloe, I’ve just watched your Bend don’t Break workshop after downloading it yesterday, it’s so brilliant, just the reset I needed after becoming overwhelmed with anxiety. New tools learnt and reminders to keep up with my go-to ones. Thank you so much for putting it together. I will keep working through it, the biggest thing so far is that it has reminded me I have all I need inside me 😊 - Heidi 

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In case we don't know each other, Hi!

I'm Chloe Brotheridge, a hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestselling book 'The Anxiety Solution' and 'Brave New Girl'.

I know just what it's like to feel anxious - in the past, I had panic attacks where I felt I was dying, I would worry obcessively and I never felt good enough.

Several years ago I went on a mission to become a calmer person and these days I get to help others to become their calmest, happiest and most confident selves.

I'm also the host of the top mental health podcast 'The Calmer You Podcast' and I've written for The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Marie and many more.