Five Days to a Calmer You

5 ways to calm your anxiety in as little as 5 minutes a day

Can you relate to any of these?

👉 You're are world-class overthinker and find it hard to switch off at the end of the day.

👉 Your mind automatically goes to the worst-case scenario whenever you're doing something new or different.

👉 You struggle with the voice in your head that criticises your every move.

👉 It's hard to be present because you're too busy worrying and second-guessing yourself.

👉You wake up at 5 am with a racing heart, adrenaline pumping and a sense of dread in your stomach about the day ahead.

Instead, I'd like you to imagine

💛 You're fully present and able to enjoy the moment.

💛 You're so calm that even when things get hectic around you, you stay centred and relaxed.

💛 You're able to switch off and sleep deeply - you're asleep moments after you climb into bed.

💛 You breathe deeply and fully and your whole body feels comfortable and relaxed.

💛 You're more patient with your loved ones (and they notice a positive change in you!)

💛 You're focused and clear-headed, breezing through your to-do list with ease.

💛 You're feeling excited and positive about the future and you look forward to each day.

Here's what you'll get in 'Five Days to a Calmer You'

  • A daily exercise in your inbox each day from me, therapist and coach Chloe Brotheridge, outlining a simple yet powerful (and fun) exercise to calm your mind, relax your body and have you feeling more in control and at peace. (Value £60)
  • A printable worksheet that holds your hand and guides you through each exercise (Value £15)
  • A hypnotherapy session that helps you to feel calmer instantly. (Value £17)
  • A video sharing my favourite tool for releasing deeply held stress and tension. (Value £15)
  • A special invite for your friends to join you in the challenge for FREE (sharing is caring and group support is invaluable!) (Value £50)

Praise for 'Five Days to a Calmer You'

''The anxiety challenge gave me practical, useful tools for combating anxiety. I learned some things that I will incorporate into my daily routine and self care practices. This course kickstarted me to focus on my healing & finding new things that work for me!'' Camille

"Thank you Chloe for this course. I suffer with anxiety and more often than not it takes hold of me before i have time to stop it (not that i knew or understood how to). The challenges over the last 5 days have opened my eyes and given me some control over my anxiety. For this, I cannot thank you enough''. Bex

'Thank you Chloe for setting up the 5 day course. I looked forward to receiving the emails. Day 6 I feel calmer in myself and have continued with the self care today and more aware of my feelings. Thank you'' Jenny

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In case we don't know each other, Hi!

I'm Chloe Brotheridge, a hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestselling book 'The Anxiety Solution' and 'The Confidence Solution '.

I know just what it's like to feel anxious. I've had panic attacks where I thought I was dying and I was a world-class worrier.

Several years ago I went on a mission to become a calmer person and these days I get to help others to become their calmest, happiest and most confident selves.

I'm the host of the top mental health podcast 'The Calmer You Podcast' and I've written for The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Marie and many more.

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