22% of women feel anxious all or most of the time.

I help people to live calmer, more confident lives with my online course and membership.

Is this you?


It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re not enough.

Work-life balance is a foreign concept and you’re close to burning out.
You second guess yourself and waste a tonne of time overthinking.
You wake up at 5am with a racing heart and with a sense of dread in your stomach about the day ahead.
Your inner critic holds you back from fulfilling your highest potential and enjoying your life.

Here’s what I want for you instead

You relax on a Sunday night and feel excited and positive about the week ahead.
You speak to yourself kindly and are your own best friend and cheerleader.
You switch off when you want to and fully enjoy your free time, whether that’s reading a book, relaxing on holiday or being present with your friends and family.
You focus and concentrate easily – so you breeze through your to-do list.
You stand up for yourself assertively, ask for what you want, say ‘no’ and get your needs met.

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A calmer, happier, more confident you.


Life is a learning experience. Gratitude is the key to happiness. Change starts with healing the past then looking to the future. Anyone can change.



Feeling calm, happy and excited about life. Creating work life balance. Quieting the inner critic. Feeling ‘enough’.



Eyeing up the cutest dogs in the park. Drinking hot chocolate at my desk. Tramping the Lancashire countryside or co-working with friends in East London.



Meditation, an F45 workout and LOTS of strong tea with Oat mylk. Connecting with my clients over Zoom. Neom candle on.

Hey there!

I’m Chloe, coach, hypnotherapist and best selling author

I’m Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestselling The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution. I’ve written for The Guardian, Daily Mail, Stylist, Marie Claire online and Cosmopolitan (to name just a few), had over 1.8 million downloads on ‘The Calmer You Podcast’ and I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world with my books, courses and workshops.

In the past, I struggled with anxiety and self-doubt. I had panic attacks where I thought I was dying. I’d get so nervous before meeting new people that my hands would shake. And I felt sure that I’d be ‘found out’ to be an imposter (no matter what training or qualifications I had).

Eight years ago, I went on a mission to become a calmer, more confident person. I’ve put in some serious hours in therapy, read every book, attended every workshop, trained in hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching and overturned every rock I could find in my own unconscious mind. I’ve done more of my fair share of meditation and even spent time with Shamans in the Amazon jungle.

These days, I’m a much calmer and self-assured person, and I get to help others to become their calmest, happiest and most confident selves (without having to meditate for 8 hours a day or deal with the giant ants and spiders of the Amazon.)

Ready to make a change?

Check out my monthly membership for calm and confidence
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I cannot sing Chloe’s praises highly enough. She is fantastic. I went to see Chloe not really knowing what to expect from hypnotherapy but even after just one session I immediately felt the benefit. Chloe is a very calm and caring person but at the same time utterly professional. If you are ever considering hypnotherapy then Chloe is without a doubt the person to go to!