A Check List for Better Sleep

May 13, 2015 | Anxiety, Blog

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Not being able to sleep or having disturbed sleep is one of the worst things ever, so if that’s you, I’m so sorry, that really is rubbish.

Maybe you’ve tried lots of things, maybe you’re just starting to try things that may help, but this list is a check list to make sure you’ve got the important things in place to ensure you’ll sleep well.

1) Caffeine hangs around in the body for hours after we drink it, some sources say as long as 14 hours. So keep coffee and tea drinking to the early mornings only.

2) Reading fiction for a few minutes before bed can help you to switch off and let go of the day. It’s a great escape from your everyday life and worries.

3) The bright blue lights from computers and phones stops our brains from producing melatonin, which makes us go to sleep. Stop using screens for at least an hour before bed and consider installing ‘flux’ on your computer which makes the light more orange toned and less blue toned.

4) Write yourself a ‘to do’ list for the follow day the night before so you don’t have to dos in your head as you’re trying to drift off.

5) Park your worries on paper before bed, rather than letting them run around your head all night long. You can return to worries in the morning if you must!

6) An obvious one but make sure your bedroom is dark or wear an eye mask, and block out any noise with headphones or ear plugs.

7) Sign up to my mailing list by Clicking Here and get a FREE relaxation MP3 which will help you to calm your mind and switch off.

8) Try out the food supplement 5-HTP which helps our bodies to produce serotonin, which helps to make us more relaxed and sleepy.

9) Try a bit of yoga, even a few gentle stretches. Check out youtube for some instructional videos if you don’t already practise.

10) Do some 7, 11 breathing. Breathe in for 7, and out for 11. It’s all about lengthening the out breath; this reduces stress and gets the nervous system ready for sleep.

And a bonus 11) Don’t watch Game of Thrones (or any other ‘exciting’ programming) as it can amp you up too much to sleep! I learned the hard way, haha!

So, let me know in the comments which of these you’ll be incorporating into your life for better sleep or let me know if I’ve missed anything out!


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