5 Ways to Instantly Boost your Mood

Oct 3, 2014 | Blog

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5 Ways to Instantly Boost your Mood

Everyone needs a tool box of mood boosting techniques to pep them up during their day. If you’re feeling lacklustre, or if the darker evenings are becoming a drag, try these evidence based tricks for boosting your mood instantly.

1) Browse happy photos. Doing this was shown in Open University study to boost your mood more than a bar of chocolate. In fact, they found that photos from a time when you were happy or having fun boosted mood by 11%, while eating chocolate or even listening to music had little effect. Pop some photos around your desk or have them as your phone or computer screen saver.

2) Our facial expressions can actively affect our mood. In fact, did you know that botox injections in the forehead could diminish feeling of depression since it inhibits frowning. But lets try a smiling instead. Grab a pencil and place it in your mouth, while baring your teeth. It should force you to smile. Evidence suggest we feel better when we smile, even if it’s a fake smile. Try it and see.

3) Can a person buy happiness? Dr Miriam Tatzel, PhD, of Empire State College suggests that we can, but only if we spend it on experiences, rather than stuff. Doing things like heading to the theatre, a holiday or day trip, will bring you more joy than clothes or makeup ever could.

4) Singing in a choir has been shown to make us feel better. Singing helps our bodies to release endorphins, the same feel good chemicals that we release after intense exercise. Singing along has benefits too, but sing with others to get the full effect.

5) Get out in the daylight. Are you someone who finds their mood dips as the days get shorter? Make an effort to spend some time outdoor each day to make sure some of the natural light reaches your brain, since it’s so important for regulating mood and even sleep. If you think you may suffer with seasonal affective disorder, try a SAD light to create the same effect as a walk in the sunshine (well, maybe), and reduce the symptoms of SAD.

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