unwinding anxiety

Ep 151. Unwinding anxiety with Dr Judson Brewer

Dr. Jud as over 20 years at Yale, MIT and Brown University researching how our brains form negative behavior patterns, bad habits and addictions, and has identified the specific techniques needed to create lasting change. We discuss: Why we’re so anxious How anxiety can actually be a habit How does mindfulness help with anxiety (it’s […]


inner child
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bar-domain=”calmer-me.lpages.co” async defer>Psycho-therapist Stefanie Stahl focuses her work on the inner child. She can’t imagine doing anything else. Her profession is her vocation.  Her new book The Child in You is a fascinating read. We chat about: How we can stop past experiences from holding us back in life How to do inner child work (and […]

Ep 150 The inner child with Stefanie Stahl


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