Ep 145. Grief with Hope Edelman

Hope Edelman joins me on the Calmer You podcast for a deep dive into the experience of grief. Hope has been writing, speaking, and leading workshops and retreats in the bereavement field for more than 25 years. She was 17 when she lost her mother to breast cancer. And 40 when her father died. Events that […]



My guest on the podcast today is Fiona Buckland. Fiona is a leadership coach and facilitator, passionate about helping people develop deeper, wiser leadership of themselves, so they can be the leaders our world needs. A Fulbright scholar with a Ph.D. from New York University, her clients include The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Alexander McQueen, […]

Ep 144. Leadership and imposter syndrome with Fiona Buckland


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pre and postnatal

Shakira Akabusi is a pre and postnatal fitness expert and the daughter of an Olympic medalist. A motivational speaker, writer, and mother of two, she’s also a founder of a movement called StrongLikeMum. Which empowers pre and postnatal women through sports, fitness, and health. We chat about: The pressure on Mums and why she founded ‘Strong […]

Ep 143. Strong like mum with Shakira Akabusi


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Life & soul

Emma Forbes has had a long-standing career as a TV and Radio Presenter for BBC shows such as ‘Live & Kicking’ and years on air with the BBC. In October 2020, Emma started the Life and Soul Podcast. Born out of Emma’s appreciation for all things well-being and combined with years of broadcasting, the Life […]

Ep 142. Life, soul and anxiety with Emma Forbes


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Callie Thorpe is a speaker, writer, occasional model and host of the podcast The Confidence Corner. We discuss: How to go on a journey of self-love and acceptance The top things she’s learned from doing her podcast ‘The Confidence Corner?’ Dealing with internet bullies Callie’s advice to her younger self Don’t forget to grab […]

Ep 141. Confidence and self love with Callie Thorpe


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