Chloe Brotheridge

How to feel more confident in meetings (or Zoom meetings)

In this video, I’m going to be sharing my top strategies for feeling more confident on zoom, or in any kind of meeting where you just want to feel better about yourself and your abilities. You can download the FREE confidence affirmations here I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but in the past, […]



It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Emma Gunavardhana. Emma joins me on the Calmer You podcast. She is an experienced beauty, health and lifestyle writer, presenter and brand consultant and host of the popular The Emma Guns Show. We chat about: Her feel good habits (and the deeper self work she’s doing that makes the […]

Ep 119. Asking for help + why happiness is an inside job with Emma Gunavardhana


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Today on the Calmer You Podcast I’m speaking with Pandora Sykes about FOMOG, failure and doing it right. Pandora is a journalist, writer and podcaster of The High Low. She has just released a new book that I read and highly recommend, How Do We Know We are Doing it Right We chat about: How […]

Ep 118. FOMOG, failure and doing it right with Pandora Sykes


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If you’re someone who feels the need to be ‘productive’ every day in order to feel worthy or you’re close to burning out because you’re always over-working and so ‘crazy busy’, this episode is for you. In this solo episode I speak about: Why you don’t have to earn your time off Where our addiction […]

Ep 117. Break free from over-working


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