Ep 116. The Mind Medic with Sarah Vohra

If you want to live calmer and happier as I know most of my community does, then this episode of the Calmer You podcast with author of the Mind Medic, Dr. Sarah Vohra, is for you.  Dr Vohra is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Bestselling Author, Public Speaker and Women’s Health UK Magazine Columnist. She is on […]



This week on the Calmer You Podcast I shared an intimate conversation with Ella Mills, British food writer and entrepreneur under the brand Deliciously Ella, about wellness, anxiety and dealing with criticism. She’s been through it all and shares much wisdom so many of us can connect with. We chat about: What wellness means to […]

Ep 115. Wellness, anxiety and dealing with criticism with Ella Mills


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Welcome to this week’s episode. I’m going to be talking about making new friends as an adult. I talk about: Why there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to wanting more friends My favourite strategy for talking to anyone  How to deal with ‘rejection’ or worrying that you’re ‘boring’ Plus – I share experiences […]

Ep 114. Making new friends as an adult


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Now seems like as good of a time as any to think about the work we do and if it’s right for us or time for a change. Happiness coach and author of Love It or Leave it, Samantha Clarke, joins me on the Calmer You podcast. We get into topics such as: Leaving your […]

Ep 113. Find happiness at work (or leave!) with Samantha Clarke


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