mobile phone boundaries

How to have boundaries around your mobile phone

Are you in control of your phone, or does it control you? Here’s how to have boundaries over your mobile phone use and social media. Don’t forget to grab your FREE anxiety-busting tool kit at and you’ll also be the first to hear about the latest news, freebies and podcasts.


paul dolan the calmer you podcast

I’m reuploading this popular episode as the podcast takes a break in December. The podcast will be back on 6th Jan 2020! In ‘Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life’ bestselling happiness expert Professor Paul Dolan draws on a variety of studies covering issues such as wellbeing, inequality and discrimination to bust […]

Reupload: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life with Professor Paul Dolan


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chloe brotheridge

Following my interview with @Plantpowerdoctor on my podcast recently I’ve had quite a few messages about changing to a plant based diet. Food is such a personal choice and I believe it’s so important not to judge anyone for the food choices they make. There might be very good cultural, familial or health reasons why someone […]

Eleven Great Reasons to go Plant-Based


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We chat about: Links between physical health, diet and mental health How your sense of purpose impacts your mental and physical health How environmental issues relate to our mental and physical health Practical steps we can take to be happier and healthier You can find Gemma on Instagram @plantpowerdoctor and find out more on her […]

Ep 82. Plant Power: Mental and Physical Health with Dr Gemma Newman


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