Madeleine shaw podcast

Ep 58. Eating and Living Well with Madeleine Shaw

I loved chatting to Madeleine Shaw, nutritional therapist, author and mother about: -The pressure to always do MORE -Top foods to eat and avoid for anxiety  -The daily practise that GIVES you more time  -IBS – how common it is and how to start managing it  Find Madeleine on her website here or Instagram Don’t […]


brave new girl podcast calmer you podcast

This is a solo episode where I’m sharing about how to grow your confidence and courage. I’m also inviting you to join me in a challenge and I’d love to hear how you get on! Don’t forget to grab your FREE anxiety-busting tool kit at and you’ll also be the first to hear about […]

Ep 57. How to be a Brave New You + grow your confidence


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zanna van dijk podcast

Extinction rebellion and David Attenborough have made climate change more and more in our minds, and alongside that, eco-anxiety is on the rise.  This episode is about being brave enough to face things, to speak up about what we believe in (even in the face of criticism) and choosing action over anxiety.  If you’re struggling […]

Ep 56. Having the courage to speak up and make a change with Zanna Van Dijk


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