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Ep 42. Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life with Professor Paul Dolan

In ‘Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life’ bestselling happiness expert Professor Paul Dolan draws on a variety of studies covering issues such as wellbeing, inequality and discrimination to bust the common myths about our sources of happiness. He shows that there can be many unexpected paths to lasting fulfilment. Some of […]


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Dr. Heather McKee is the UK’s leading weight loss and behaviour change psychology specialist.  Her research has been featured in: TIME, Washington post, Women’s Health and the Huffington post. She’s incredibly knowledgable and has a great knack for making the latest scientific evidence easy to understand and apply. We talk about: -How habits work and […]

Ep 41. Creating Healthy Habits with Dr. Heather McKee


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This week I’m answering questions that have been sent in. here’s what I cover: -How to stop ruminating -How meditation works and what it does -How to manage fears about getting pregnant and starting a family -How to stop worrying about money Don’t forget to grab your FREE anxiety-busting tool kit at and you’ll […]

Ep 40. Q + A – Rumination, Meditation, Money and Starting a Family


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kimberley wilson podcast

Kimberley Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist with a post-graduate diploma in Nutrition. We discuss: -How your body effects your mental health -The link between diet and depression -Why serotonin is so important -Inflammation and mental health -Plus Kimberly shares her best advice for a calmer mind Find out more about Kimberly at Find her […]

Ep 39. Food and Mental Health with Kimberley Wilson


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