Gynae geek the calmer you podcast

Ep 32. Gynaecology Myth Busting with Dr Anita Mitra the Gynae Geek

I loved this fascinating conversation with Dr Antia Mitra aka @Gynaegeek. We’re talking about all the things you every wondered about gynaecology and busting a few myths in the process. Anita helps to take the anxiety out of this topic with her caring, relaxed and clued up approach. We discuss: – Vulvas and how everybody […]


the calmer you podcast helen burke-smith

Helen Burke-Smith, having suffered from anorexia for most of her early twenties, being hospitalised on a number of occasions over those dark years, has made an incredible recovery, (with huge amount of self work and the help of a team of highly qualified and inspirational psychotherapists). Helen has a BA in Philosophy and has embarked […]

Ep 31. Eating Disorders, Therapy & More with Helen Burke-Smith


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amy rushworth confidence the calmer you podcast

Amy Rushworth (aka Wellness With Amy) is Life Coach, Health Coach and one of the UK’s leading wellness speakers. She merges coaching, integrative nutrition and psychology to help women uncover the deep roots of their well-being issues and ditch the self-doubt and habits that hold them back. – Her experience with anxiety and how she overcame […]

Ep 30. Breakup with Stress and Connect with Confidence with Amy Rushworth


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janes evans the calmer you podcast

Jane Evans has worked with children and families for 25 years. She is an internationally renowned childhood anxiety and parenting coach, an inspirational speaker on early childhood trauma, best-selling author and an in-demand media expert. We discuss: -What is trauma? -What can we do about our own trauma or our childrens trauma? – Jane shares […]

Ep 29. Early Childhood Trauma and Anxiety with Jane Evans


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joanne bradford the calmer you podcast

This week I chat to my friend and amazing coach and sound therapist, Joanne Bradford. Since it’s ‘Go Sober for October’ and I get so many messages about how anxiety is affected by alcohol, I thought this would be a great conversation to have. We chat about: -How alcohol negatively affects us and our anxiety […]

Ep 28. Living Alcohol Free with Motherheart


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