Chloe Brotheridge

How I Overcame My Anxiety


;My online programme just opened it’s doors to new members for one week only (closes 5th November) – if you’re ready to take the next step with me and become your calmest self – click here to learn more My experience with anxiety has been a long and winding one. I knew I was ‘shy’ […]


gut health

Now your probably wondering what on earth two DJ’s are constantly rabbiting on about gut health ….it all started when we were already volunteering for “Twin Research” as “guinea pigs” helping out advances in medical science (as twins are the perfect constant) and have always been fascinated at what the physiological differences between us are […]

The Mac Twins talk Gut Health


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Guest blog by Jo Foster from Kiss the Moon  The clocks go back this weekend. Good news you’d think, in that we get an extra hour in bed.  That might be great news on Monday morning when you effectively get a lovely hour lie in, but the tricky bit starts that evening when you may not […]

Sleep Well as the Clocks Go Back


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Anxiety Disorder

We all get anxious sometimes but with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, this is a constant companion, often for no obvious reason. It can make it really hard just to get through the day. This article will look at some of the reasons why Generalised Anxiety Disorder occurs, how you can tell if you have it, and […]

How to Manage Generalised Anxiety Disorder


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