Interview and self-care tips with the inspiring Julie Montagu

  If you are not already familiar with Julie Montagu, then it is my pleasure to introduce you. She is a complete inspiration. Truly a woman who has embraced self-care of mind, body and spirit. Yoga, nutrition, author, an online nutrition course the Flexie Foodie, recently launched wellness membership site Truly Julie and so much more – this […]



When it comes to mental health we can’t separate this from physical health. Your brain is attached to your body – remember? Let’s also remember that many of the symptoms of anxiety are physical ones. So it makes total sense to tackle the anxiety at the physical level too, We all know what anxiety feels […]

This technique is better than drugs for your anxiety


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body anxiety

Body Anxiety Post by Issy How many times have you gotten ready for a night out, and left the house holding back the tears after seeing your reflection in the mirror and spotting every, single, flaw. How many times have you avoided looking at people because of the tight feeling you get in your chest […]

Body Anxiety


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