signs of anxiety

Signs of Anxiety (from the serious to the mild + what to do)

Click here for your FREE anxiety-busting tool kit   Signs of Anxiety? A question that I get asked a lot (a LOT) is ‘How do I know if it’s a sign of anxiety – or is it just a normal response to stress’? ‘What are normal levels of worry?’ Lots of people wonder where to […]


self care anxiety

  Does anyone else think ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’ has become a bit of a cliche? Having a bubble bath, getting a massage, repeating positive affirmations ’til you’re blue in the face? Maybe you’re not the bubble bath type (I for one, get bored after about 10 minutes!) Maybe you hate being touched by a stranger […]

Self Care for Anxiety (your plan and permission slip)


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reasons to meditate

Click to Tweet this article! 1) I don’t really understand the benefits of meditation If I’d truly known and felt the benefits of meditation years ago, I would have started a LOT sooner. Thing is, despite the fact that my parents meditated, I used to dismiss it as a load of rubbish (I was too […]

9 Reasons You Don’t Meditate (and how to get over them)


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