anxiety tips

Best Ever Anxiety Tips from Our Community

Here, I’ve put together some top anxiety tips from members of the Calmer You community. What else would you add? Let us know your top anxiety tips in the comments 🙂 “A tip that I found really useful is to imagine your anxiety is excitement. Remember when you were really small and you got told […]


love language

Since I found out about this quiz I’ve been obsessed. I got my boyfriend to do it. My friends. Their boyfriends. My parents. ….And some random people I met at a party. Everyone loves it! It’s something that seems to resonate with everyone. It’s a quiz about love, and the results can be life changing. […]

What’s Your ‘Love Language’?


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overcoming social anxiety

Social anxiety and fear of speaking in public can have a huge impact over our lives. But when we’re socially anxious or nervous about public speaking, why do things like giving a presentation or meeting new people trigger the fight or flight response? The fight or flight response – (you know the feeling, that’s when […]

The Truth about Social Anxiety (and how to start over-coming it)


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