help for procrastination

Help for Procrastination (don’t read this later!)

Help for Procrastination (don’t read this later!) Anxiety and procrastination are two things which seem to be totally linked. When i speak to anxious people they will often mention problems with getting stuff done. Of course, we all know what procrastination is like (who hasn’t gotten hooked on Game of Thrones or searching through GIFS when […]


kitty de la beche

Recently, I interviewed Kitty de la Beche, Founder of Playing Grown Ups, millennial coach, meditation teacher, writer and all round force of nature/wonder woman. She teaches Transcendental Meditation , which is the type of meditation I practise every day (which makes me like her even more!); I find this meditation to be ah-mazing and a total […]

Help for Millennials – Interview with Coach Kitty de La Beche


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Madeleine Shaw

As someone with a background in nutrition, I know the importance of diet when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. So I’ve collected some amazing calming, healthy recipes from some of my favourite people for you to enjoy. Try them out and let me know how you get on in the comments! Click to […]

Recipes for Less Stress & Anxiety


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self love katie phillips

Self love is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of overcoming anxiety and feeling more confident. It’s something we all need, without exception and almost all of us could use some improvement in this area. Katie Phillips is a Self Love Mentor and transformational coach and founder of Here she shares […]

Self Love – Interview with Katie Phillips of ‘Daring & Mighty’


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