feeling overwhelmed

7 Reasons you’re feeling overwhelmed (and what to do about them)

7 Reasons you’re feeling overwhelmed (and what to do about them) Do things in your life feel overwhelming and out of control? I know the feeling. Sometimes it’s as if there is just too much happening at once, too many demands on our attention and not enough time. Here I’ve put together some common reasons […]


go wrong anxiety

On holiday last week, things didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned. What I learned from the experience has inspired this weeks newsletter… When we’re anxious it’s often about things that could potentially go wrong in the future. Our imaginations can go haywire as we mentally invent the disasters, mishaps and the strokes of […]

Coping When Things go Wrong


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fear of missing out

  I have a confession, I get this really bad sometimes. I live on what seems like the worlds busiest and and most trendy street in London (those that know Hackney well will know which one I mean) and I’m very often found writing at my desk that overlooks the street. Now don’t get me […]

Fear of Missing Out


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